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Olde Tyme Carriage
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Portland/Nashville, TN 37148
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Olde Tyme Carriage - Transportation

Welcome to Olde Tyme Carriage, the premier source of top quality Traditional and Cinderella carriage rental in Nashville, TN. If you're in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, or southern Kentucky, and are planning on making an unforgettable grand entrance (and exit) for your birthday party, prom, wedding, reception, or a prestigious beauty pageant, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Here at Olde Tyme Carriage, we provide top-notch services that are unique and truly outstanding. We provide horses and carriage hire, "unicorn" drawn carriage rental, Cinderella carriage hire, unicorn pony rides and pony rides - all of which you and your guests are sure to love. You might also want to avail our services if you're setting up a church social, a corporate event, a community fund-raiser or a holiday party, and want it to be the talk of the town.

Olde Tyme Carriage is known for delivering the finest products and the highest quality service that sure to delight every time. We pride ourselves in providing services that stand out from the rest.

Our carriages are not used on a daily basis doing downtown tours and then pull them of to go do a wedding, all covered in road grime and daily wear and tear. Our carriages are kept washed, covered and kept in storage until the day of event. We provide immediate, prompt response to all calls and emails. On top of that, our services are priced lower than competition. The owner herself goes to the event site prior to the scheduled event and meets with the client to go over their expectations of their event - other companies don't do that.

We do not charge a mileage/trip fee which means more savings for you. Most importantly, Olde Tyme Carriage has never been cited by Metro Nashville for any wrong doing with our carriages. EVERY other carriage company has at one time or another, been cited. We also carry full coverage insurance with a copy on hand at every event.

We go above and beyond to make your day special. We also pay more attention to detail so everything turns out perfect on your big day.

Located in Portland/Nashville, TN