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Serenity Farms Carriages
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20483 Arrowhead Road
Ashmore, IL 61912
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Serenity Farms Carriages - Transportation

      Once upon a  will feel like royalty in an elegant Vis a Vis carriage. This is the carriage of every bride's dream. Nothing can make you feel more special than gliding down the road in a horse-drawn carriage, just like a princess. It is your time enjoy the moment as you relax, listening to the rhythm of the horses hooves. It is your time to create memories.

      Our wedding carriage for formal affairs is white with ornate burgundy pin striping. The convertible top has a velvet burgundy interior that matches the plush, button-tufted, velvet seats. The top can be raised over the seats in case of rain to protect the bride and groom from the weather. This carriageholds four to six people. For an additional fee, we can add a three by eighteen foot red carpet to this package. 

     We can help you create memories for your wedding from these services. Imagine the guests' heart skipping a beat as they watch the horse and carriage bringing the bride, father, mother, or brides maids to her wedding as a grand entrance. Simply breathtaking! Or for the grand finale', the look on the bride and groom's faces as they see the carriage awaiting to take them for a romantic ride around the area and to the reception just like a fairy tale. Within reason, we will tailor your carriage ride to meet your specific wishes. 

      You can make your dream come true by riding in this beautiful, white carriage on your wedding day.

      If you want to step back in time, our classic French Vis a Vis carriage may be more for your taste. Vis a Vis is French for face to face. Another name is the Sociable. This classic showcases the bride with the contrast of the white dress against the black carriage. All eyes will be on the bride on her special day. 

     This carriage is black with gold pinstripes and black, button-tufted Leatherette seats. The black top has burgundy interior. It can be raised for rain or folded down for sunny weather. Side curtains that enclose the carriage are available for inclement weather. The black Vis A Vis is a must for weddings or theme parties.

     To make a statement for your wedding, pair this carriage with the white carriage to bring in the wedding party or bride's maids. This is a great carriage for Victorian or Renaissance parties. Your guest will make a grand entrance to the party in a carriage or take rides during the party for a special memory.

    Book the black carriage for Halloween parties. Imagine Dracula driving and all the ghosties and goblins riding in back for a "Haunting" good time.


Located in Ashmore, IL