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Vintage Carriage Company, LLC

Vintage Carriages, Horse & Carriage Rides in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

1 (281) 901-4966
Contact: Terence J. Reed
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P O Box 38639
Houston, TX 77238
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Vintage Carriage Company, LLC - Transportation


We provide superior quality horse and carriage services, that are insured, for your unique wedding day, across the City of Houston. Our company's fleet consists of three unique carriage styles with removable tops. We offer a variety of colors making our carriages great for any occasion. Each unit can seat up to 6 people.



White Beauty:
Ice White convertible carriage pulled by a gallant horse. A perfect Cinderella carriage.

Black Elegance:

This wonderful carriage is perfect for a company party or family reunion. Seats 4 people.

Royalty Carriage:

This is a unique carriage that comes with a transformable top and royal blue exterior. This is perfect for that night in town.

Located in Houston, TX