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Find the right wedding videographer for your wedding day that will capture and edit the perfect wedding video for you to cherish years to come

Wedding videography - tips image

Wedding videography - tips

Your wedding video will be the lasting document of your special wedding day, shown most probably to your grandchildren many years after you have given up on fashion and gimmicks. It should therefore be timeless and represent your love, personalities and joy as fully as possible and requires a professional artist. So here are some tips to finding a professional, as in reliable, reputable and beyond competent, videographer for the job. START YOUR RESEARCH EARLY
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Videography is a way of creating a unique cinematic story to share and celebrate the memories of your magical wedding day.Wedding videos are no longer the realm of the amateur film-maker; instead, many professional film-makers find it a more lucrative business in today’s entertainment world. This has dramatically increased the field of talent available for filming your special day. It is now possible to choose the style: journalistic like a documentary of the event - or cinematic, like a movie.

Although a lot of footage may have been shot, the segments will have to be edited in order to ensure continuity in a documentary-style wedding video. Conversely, the cinematic style is when random moments are captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood which a documentary style movie could not convey.

There are storytelling styles, using sound bites usually from the bride and groom. They are then added to the audio track for dramatic effect and to push the story of the day forward. Then there are the short form wedding style films, a condensation of the day into 15-50 minutes or the traditional style edited like a family-shot video which may take 2-3 hours in length.

But these are not the only styles available. You can decide your own. You could also include an engagement video, a photo montage or an interview of the bride and groom about how they met, what they're like together and their plans for the future, highlights of the day.