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HB Media Solutions
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HB Media Solutions - Videographers

This page gives you a visual guide to assist you when speaking to one of our staff members in regards to your conversion. This includes all video formats, film, audio, slides, pictures and scanning documents. Each letter on the bottom of the picture represents the kind of conversion we offer.

The pictures below include videotapes, film, records, cassettes, 8 tracks, mini cassettes, photos, and slides.

HB MEDIA Solutions offers professional, high quality conversion of records (LPs), cassette and 8 track tapes. All of our audio conversions are done on premises and we don’t just convert your albums and songs, we offer quality sound correction and adjustments to ensure the highest quality conversions possible.

Special Deals
On occasion we at HB Media Solutions will offer special deals on our video conversion service, audio conversion services, and photo scanning services. Sign up for our mailing list to learn about our special deals immediately or check this page often.

Express service on conversion services
HB Media Solutions is offering a new express service. If you give us a videotape or tapes we will be able to get it back to you by the end of the business day. In other words bring it in by 10 AM you will get it back by 7 PM. Limited to 5 tapes per person. Prices start at $24.95 per tape. No Coupons or discounts will be accepted on this new service.

iTraining for Macintosh Users
HB Media Solutions is now offering a new service. If you just purchase an Apple Computer we can teach how to use the following programs. These programs are iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band, iWork, and iDVD to name a few. We can also hook up your new computer as well. HB Media Solutions will be charging $39.95 an hour to teach you how to use your computer at your home. Please call us for more information at.

Located in Sunrise, FL