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Providence Productions
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Chicagoland, IL 60203
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Providence Productions - Videographers

Elizabeth and Majid wedding Highlights From the Moment a child is born to a Jewish parent, thoughts of the eventual Bar or Bat Mitzvah run through their heads.  How will my child fair, how will they sound, how proud I will be.

Other then the wedding, it is truly a transformative event, within the jewish Family.

With that in mind, the planning and maybe even the speeches begin very early on.’

So the video of this most important event, has to go off like clock work. You capture the faces, during the preparation and practice.  All of the friends and family streaming in to help celebrate this joyous event.

The surroundings that have been so meticuously constructed, to reflect the particular personality of our special child who is growing up before our eyes- must be taped carefully.

Located in Chicagoland, IL