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Wedding & Bridal Accessories

Find the best wedding accessories and bridal accessories from a wide range of vendors

Wedding and bridal accessories - tips image

Wedding and bridal accessories - tips

Accessories should accentuate, enhance your look, give it a little story but not be so overwhelming they become the centerpiece itself. Remember, on the wedding day it is all about you and your wedding, your vows, your love; fashion can wait a hot minute. You will be the centerpiece today, not a designer, not a specific necklace. Contemporary weddings feature everything from dramatic full-on silk veils to flowers or fascinators instead of a tulle train. And brides are mixing and matching accesso...

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Wedding and bridal accessories are often the details which turn into the biggest stress-factors as you try to find ‘just the right one’. Selecting the right veil, for example, involves consideration of your dress, the venue, its purpose (decorative, symbolic or functional) and choice of embroidery. Destination or beach weddings may require barefoot sandals or high heel protectors and bridal jewelry is often the absolute embellishment of a simple, elegant gown. Where to get the classic pearl dangle earrings? If you have a half-up, half-down hairstyle, you may want some special hairpins. The groomsmen, in homage to the vintage theme, need braces or leather suspenders and you are looking for a turquoise wedding garter.

Wedding shoes are often the most difficult accessory to find. You can't really wear them in and yet being comfortable in them is critical. They should reflect your personality so if you truly are a Christian Louboutin six inch stiletto girl, go for it! But if you can only dance or have fun in flats, choose them; your fiance already knows how tall you are! Don't wear heels if it will make you spend the day walking like a duck and wincing so hard it ruins your photos.

Other wedding accessories could include the cushion or box for the ringbearer, a special brooch for the mother-of-the-groom or a pocket watch for the groomsmen. Either way, near or far, we have a range of bridal and wedding accessory vendors with the exact detailed accessory that will transform your day.

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