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Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes - tips

Your wedding cake can be as big (or as small) a deal as you want it to be. You can be as reverent or irreverent as you choose. On your wedding day, you really can have your cake (or pie or donut) and eat it too! Maybe you want a cake that celebrates your favorite football team, maybe you want a mountain of cupcakes or popcakes, or a couple of celebration gateaux from Costco. Maybe you do want something elaborate, or simple, and original. As long as it fits in with the theme and vibe of your enti...

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Cake creations have risen dramatically in the fashion stakes since the rise of the foodie and Instagram so to-cake or not-to -cake is an important question! The wedding cake is still seen as a centerpiece to the wedding. It is the traditional cake served at the reception but was originally created to bring good luck to all the guests and the couple. In the 21st century, however, wedding cakes can just be an artistic centerpiece and may only be for the bride and groom to share.

Contemporary cake designers and pastry chefs use various ingredients and tools to create a cake reflecting the couple’s combined personalities. They need to consider whether there are dietary considerations: gluten-free, kosher, lactose-free, sugar-free, nut allergies, vegan and so on.Usually, wedding cakes involve marzipan, gum paste, buttercream, fondant and/or chocolate. Wedding cake was a luxury item and a symbol of celebration and social status as it required such rich ingredients. The more tiers to the cake, the higher the social status. The cutting of the cake marked the start of the marriage together and the top tier was kept for the christening cake of the first-born (traditionally the cake was rich fruit cake that would keep!) Fruit cakes were seen as a sign of fertility and prosperity so men favored them if they wanted lots of children!

Cake toppers are models or art pieces that sit on the top of the cake, usually humorous or representing the couple’s hobby or main occupation. It is not every day that you get your own personal love story wedding cake made so be the ultimate Queen of France, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Cake (even if you are male!) and have fun exploring and creating your piece-de-resistance. Prove at last you can have your cake and eat it too!