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Wedding Dresses

Find your dream wedding dress from one of our incredible bridal gown vendors, they carry designer wedding dresses, or some can help you create your own dress

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Wedding dresses - tips

Your wedding dress is your statement piece - the declaration of you at your absolute pinnacle of beauty and rapture marrying the man you love. So shopping for it requires very different criteria to your usual techniques for the cosmetic and fashionable. You will never really have the same agenda ever again so make the most of it! Don’t let the pressure and stress stop you from enjoying the excitement and ecstasy of finding your perfect gown. Here are some tips for success: SET YOUR WEDDING...

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If you truly are marrying a man who sees beauty in you no one else has yet noticed, your choice will be reflected in the radiance of your bridal beauty and your wedding gown. You know you have the goods - the dress is just the outward expression of that fact. While magazines and shows are great for inspiration, there is no perfect wedding dress - there’s just one perfect for YOU! Make sure you find it.

The wedding dress is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. The color, style and ceremonial significance of the gown depends on the religion and culture of the whole wedding. Usually, in the west, brides wear white but, in eastern cultures, brides generally choose red to symbolize future prosperity and success.

Some brides like to refer to motifs or fabric worn by earlier generations of the family; others follow the ‘something old, something new,something borrowed,something blue’ adage. Then there are those who want to entirely break from tradition and design their own or follow the trends. For example, the strapless gown is the most popular right now.

Bridal gowns are exotic - even the simplest ones. They are what your future husband will see you wearing on the most significant day of your lives. They should therefore capture your personality, ambitions,desires and the romance between you and your beloved.

Whether you buy it already made or pay for its creation, its core fabric does set the vibe for the female bridal procession. Chiffon, cotton, tulle, lace, the luxury of Duchesse satin, velvet, taffeta, lace...How long will it be? Is it a smart suit or a floor-length robe with a twenty foot train? Do you have a veil? Lots of beading, ruffles, pleats, pick-ups, a jacket, feathers?

Your wedding dress will most probably be the most observed, photographed item of clothing you will ever buy. It will also be what your children and grandchildren will see you in all your elegant splendor.

A wedding dress should frame your natural beauty - not impose some frothy fantasy or sexy image. Your wedding dress should not be so restrictive and confining you are terrified about dragging it in the grass. Neither should it inhibit your breathing so you can't laugh your lungs out and have the best time of your life in it! And maybe a pencil skirt is not the best style for that first dance with your husband...Let your wedding dress allow you to show all the beauty your husband-to-be has recognized.