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Wedding and engagement rings - tips image

Wedding and engagement rings - tips

If you want to propose, don’t put it off just because you can’t afford the ring you want. All it is is a token of your love so it’s stupid to say you’ll put off being with her until you can buy a bigger boulder. A modest piece will be a shared memory of your sacrifice and commitment. You can always upgrade as an anniversary gift later! BE SUBVERSIVE
You will need to find out her ring size so you are going to have to sneak out one of her cosmetic rings or draw the in...

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Wedding ring jewelry is the focus of the whole purpose and meaning of the celebration and will be talked about and cherished for the rest of your life.Choosing a style, the metal and jewels is defining your intentions in a very visual and real way.

Engagement rings indicate that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. Usually presented by the man to his prospective spouse while he proposes or after she accepts. It’s the first sign of the formal agreement to future marriage so, although some prefer discreet rings, it also should declare the sincerity and seriousness of the deal. Engagement rings can be traditional, contemporary, classic or totally off-the-radar unique. They are generally gold or platinum based with a diamond or gemstones embedded. The value of the ring is significant because marriage is, after all, a financial institution so the ring should indicate a token of the value the man has for his chosen bride. So diamonds are still the most popular - either a solitaire, or a mix of gemstones and diamond or the brilliant cut.

To check the quality of a diamond, you need to consider its clarity, carat, cut and color. Fix your budget as there is nothing worse than finding a ring you think she will like and having to say,’If only it was a bit cheaper.’ Decide your budget before you go looking. It is important to select the right band, the right setting and gemstone and the right size. The average size is & but, if unsure, go with a bigger size as it is easier to size a ring down than to size it up. The ring needs to be pretty practical too if you want your fiance to be wearing it! Having a huge egg of a diamond, even if you can afford it, when she plays the piano or is a surgeon or mountaineer is probably not the best idea.

Choosing a durable metal is important. Ironically, the purer the gold, the quicker it will wear. The longest-lasting, most durable metal is platinum so maybe worth the extra money. It also indicates you envisage the marriage lasting a lifetime! Choose the right cut of diamond. An F1 is a flawless diamond and I1, I2 and I3 are imperfect diamonds. Be aware that palladium and white gold, while looking like platinum, are nothing like it and will not last as long.

Some people prefer to buy one-off antique engagement rings in specific styles - for example, Art Deco. The same rules apply. Check the trademark inside the ring and the quality of the jewel.

If your fiancee is very environmentally conscious, she may prefer recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds. Purchase the ring and collect just before the proposal as there will be less chance of losing it!

When choosing the actual wedding rings, start early. Custom pieces can take up to a month to create. There is no need to have matching metals but you do need to set a budget and allow time for engraving. Also, consider the practicality of the ring - you are going to be wearing it every day, every night so think long term. Check the quality. There should be the manufacturer’s trademark inside the ring and a quality mark - 24K or PLAT inside. Make sure you have a certificate of authenticity and a warranty to accompany the ring.

And do insure! Both rings. Accidents happen, rings get lost, stolen. Your wedding and engagement rings are your most significant piece of jewelry so look after them.