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Wedding favors and supplies - tips

Wedding favors are a wedding staple - regardless of how formal/informal your event. Saying thank you in a real way to those nearest and dearest to you who have supported you throughout the planning and stress is not limited to culture or tradition - it is just decent human behavior! But there certainly is no rule about not having fun in the process. Here, TheWeddingExpert gives you tips on how to give wedding favors to both bridal party and guests. We’ll also give ideas for welcome bags fo...

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The tone and vibe of your wedding is not decided by the florist or dress designer, the color palette or food. These enhance it but the real atmosphere is set by the joy and love of your friends and family as they gather to celebrate your marriage. Gifting the members of your bridal party who have really contributed to the vibe of the day is a way of showing some of your appreciation. Individuals to consider include grandparents, parents, bridesmaids, the best man, the Maid of Honor, the flower girl, the ringbearer, ushers...yes, there may be a long list but thoughtful appreciation is worth all its dividends.

The Maid of Honor, the best friend who has been by your side from the very first day should have a gift to reflect the level of your friendship - perhaps engraved jewelry or a silver compact. The Best Man may prefer a more practical gift like a day out at a sporting event or a personalised wallet or pen. Bridesmaids may all have the same gift or box containing a number of items or they may be different to reflect their individual personalities and the relationship, demonstrating your thought and care. Ideas include wine, a spa day, shoes, comfy hoodies, a silver engraved bookmark, fun gifts like a Polaroid camera, a customised necklace, perfume set, candles, a friendship bracelet, pampering products...Honor the ring bearer and flower girls too, maybe with a well-crafted toy or pendant/bracelet.

Parents and grandparents should be gifted too, regardless of who is paying for the wedding. It may be a framed engagement photo or something more specific. There will be other contributors, helpers and friends from the readers at your service, speech-givers, a friend who gave you a considerable discount on stationery or supplies, someone who traveled thousands of miles...Some small thank-you gift to show your appreciation won’t break the budget and your thoughtfulness will be remembered forever.

Last but not least, don't forget the most important person of all - your other half. It doesn't need to be extravagant but should demonstrate your commitment to each other. You could engrave a secret message which would be a poignant and real memento over and above the formal tokens of the wedding.

Edible wedding favors are also popular, keeping a sense of community, love and warmth in sharing food and personal delicacies. From family-grown oils, honeys, exquisite chocolate, hot sauce, locally baked goodies, your own jam, half a dozen of the cookies or cakes you are well-loved for, a post-party delicious snack and coffee cup or miniature liquor. Your dessert could also double-up as a wedding favor with something permanent about it - be it the carved wooden spoon or a small glass dish or box.. This is a very sweet way to keep memories of the day with your guests.