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Foto Novelty - Photo Favors, Flip Books and More
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Northern N.J , Long Island and
New York City, NY 10003
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Foto Novelty - Photo Favors, Flip Books and More - Wedding Favors & Supplies

Remember how we used to draw little figures on the sides of our notebooks, and then scroll pages with the thumb to animate the figures? Well, this simple and fun "bored-in-class" entertainment now found its way to streamlined party hit! We film a short video (about 10 seconds) of guest dancing and acting in front of a video camera, and our equipment produces a 60-page frame-by-frame version of this performance. Once scrolled with a thumb through - it comes to life!

Inspired by the Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure, this photo booth brings you back to the 80s with the slow motion black-box photography. Get all trippy now!

It seems to me the only thing you've learned is that Caesar is a "salad dressing dude."

iDigital is a simple and chic party photo concept: it's a giant "iPod on a stick."

While seeing a live-preview of their pose on a screen, guests control the built-in camera with a remote control, which let's them quickly snap a shot, which is automatically and instantly printed!

The pictures come out either black and white or in color. We provide a funk-trunk with fun party props: wigs, hats, boahs, glasses, etc.

20 cool Instapix effects. Authentic and acurate Instagram look. Social Media Integration.

Welcome to the future of photo booths!


Located in New York City, NY