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Too many flower girls

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Heeeeelp! Between my fiancé and I, there are 8 nieces & nephews. By our wedding date, they'll be ages 10 months - 5 years. How do we "incorporate" all of them into our wedding? Or do we?

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Prof Aafa
Nov 12, 2018
Are you done with the wedding?
Carl Hanley
Sep 05, 2017
Well, I think you should, it will look cute!
Jul 28, 2016

Also keep them occupied with some weddings entertainers like magicians! There are some here

Bev K
Jul 22, 2016

That IS a lot! I'm actually questioning my own situation now. Maybe just pick the cutest ones!?? hahaahh joking

dave d
Jun 21, 2016

That is a lot of little ones to incorporate! You have a few options. You could include all of them into your wedding as ring bearers and flower girls, but I think you are fine to just include the older kids. By this I mean the ones that can walk themselves and do not need assistance getting down the aisle. You could also switch that and have the older kids take a different task- like passing out programs or something fun like sunglasses to all of your guests (for an outdoor ceremony of course).

The Wedding Expert
Apr 29, 2016