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Does your limo wait around during the reception?

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I wasn't planning on providing my wedding party with a limo back to the hotel once our reception was done but then my maid of honor told me that it is kind of expected. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about how my wedding party was getting home from the reception and I'm glad she said something! So how does it work? Does the limo drive us to the reception and we pay to have them wait the whole time?
You have to pay for the rental time during your wedding even if you aren’t physically using the limousine.
Jul 21, 2016
You are not responsible for getting them any where after the reception. They can previously drop or leave their car at the reception hall to get home in. Or arrange to ride with another friend or family member that is a guest at the wedding.
Jan 05, 2016
Sounds dumb to me. Why should you be responsible for their ride back to a hotel? Haven't you taken care of enough by having to PLAN and sweat over your wedding. It's supposed to be your day, you shouldn't have to babysit. I'm from a small country town, so maybe that is why I haven't heard of this tradition. Down here we tie cans to the back of a pickup truck and leave everyone behind to find their own ways home.
January Thomas
Dec 18, 2015