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Access Legal Services -Same Day Marriage in L.A.

Wedding Officiant in Los Angeles

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Contact: Izabella Sklar
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490 S. San Vicente Blvd. #11
Los Angeles, CA 90048
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Access Legal Services -Same Day Marriage in L.A. - Wedding Officiants

Religious affiliations:

We issue a marriage license to you, perform ceremony, mail the marriage certificate to L.A.

Our officiants are certified by the American Council of Wedding Officiants to officiate wedding ceremonies or other such rites wherein individuals are joined in lawful union.

Marriage License is an authorization to marry. You still need to solemnize your marriage (have a ceremony) in order to be legally married.

In the age of internet and computer technologies, the demand for cyber marriages is increasing.

With Access Legal you get Confidential, Convenient, Time-effective, Cost-effective and Instant Service.

Access Legal Services is literally your one stop shop if you are looking to get married fast. We offer legal services that will get you a marriage license in Los Angeles without the need to go through a lot of planning and spending a lot money! We also have a wedding chapel where you may get married with an official ceremony with all amenities provided for you. Take a look at our wedding chapel in los angeles where we perform a civil ceremony that satisfies LA County Registrars requirements to make your marriage legal. Whether you are looking to get married fast in LA or wedding chapels in los angeles we have what you are looking for without breaking the bank! Available Monday - Saturday by appointment. Call now to inquire. 818-448-3327. We are located right in the heart of LA!

Located in Los Angeles, CA