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The Gifts of Love w/ Dr. Patricia D
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42 Reviews
Shelia Charles
Thank you Dr. Patricia, you were absolutely wonderful. We would recommend you to anyone that ask.
See you are our 10 year vow renewal.

Thank you again,
Mrs. Charles
Dr. Patricia D.
We would like to thank you for doing our How Renewal Ceremony. We would not have had anyone other than you. You Have done all five girls weddings and we cannot be more proud to have you continue to do the weddings and our family. We appreciated you over 20 years ago, and we did this time around even more. You have prayed, with us, for us and over us many times throughout these 20 years and we are blessed for it. You were just as flawless this time as you were before, and all of our children witness you in real life. Thank you Ma'am, Thank you for always being there for my family, and for being our official wedding officiant (again).

We love you Queen,

Suzanne Pendleton and Family
Dr. Patricia D.
We would like to thank you Dr. Demps for your time during this pandemic. We would like to thank you for all that you do and all that you have done for our family. Thank you so much for being a person that comes out during this time and can still have a smile and devoted professionalism. You are definitely the epitome of God's servant. We adore you. if ever we can do anything to help you, please do not hesitate to call.

This young lady, this minister of the Lord is definitely sent by God.

Rosemary Gentle and Family.
Dr. Patricia D.
My neighbor recommended you to us, and I feel blessed that we actually listened. We almost did not call you because she said you were a female. It was my husband that wanted to try you anyway. I'm so glad that I listened. Thank you so much for dealing with us through all of our drama and everything that was before our wedding. Thank you for the prayers and staying in touch with us afterwards. Forgive us for taking so long to write a review, the truth is we were not exactly sure how to bless you in words. The biggest thing that I can say about Dr. Patricia, is that She was not only kind, but she went above and beyond for my family and I. She is definitely the real deal. May you always be as you are and ever more blessed.

We recommend you to anyone reading this. And again thank you so much for everything that you have done for us.

Tanya Goodspeed
Dr. Patricia D.
Thank you for hearing our cry and sharing our day in this pandemic. Thank you so much Dr. Demps. We appreciate you, your professionalism, and your social distancing. Thank you so much.
Dr. Patricia D.
Thank you so much Dr. Patricia for doing our Joan's Wedding. You were perfect. The venue was perfect and the vows were absolutely divine. If someone is reading this and they are looking for someone who takes their time and cares, I want to recommend Dr Patricia.

Jean Wimble
Norman, Oklahoma
Dr. Patricia D.
The Reverend Dr. Demps, Was our wedding officiant and she was most professional. She arrived early, had prayer with us, officiated our ceremony and stayed to do the invocation over of our meal (for no extra charge). How amazing. And her Donation was What's the lowest that we found. Thank Reverend. We Appreciate You. Especially on this time of Country Turmoil.

Marianne Cross
Dallas, Texas
Dr. Patricia D.
Thank you Dr. Patricia. You were a last minute life savor. We appreciate you, professionalism and your time. We would definitely recommend you to all of our family and friends.

Again, thank you so very much.

The Wadolfs
William Brown
Thank you Dr. Patricia for such a beautiful wedding ceremony. You were fabulous. We wish you had stayed to enjoy a meal, we are appreciative that you did stay and say grace over our 1st meal as Husband and Wife. Thank you do blessing us with your presence.
We recommend you to of our family and friends.
David Williams
Our service was wonderful. Thank You Dr. Patricia for all that you must go through daily, for being a Veteran and a Minister. It took us a long time to find someone to do our wedding and we now know that was because God was waiting on us to find you. Thank You for going above and beyond to assist you. You will always be family to us. Always.

We Love You and Thank You.

Dave and Silvia Williams
Martin Pulsar
We would like to thank you Dr. Demps. You were very professional and always in good spirits and with great cheer. We really appreciate your time and diligence given to our wedding. We wish you love and greatness always.

Thank You,
M. Pulsar
Xena Robertson
Dr. Patricia was wonderful. She talked with us for over a year, and made sure that all of our needs were met. She is amazing. "Thank you Dr. Patricia for talking me through long nights, tears and helping to calm my worries. We will see you in 10 years, when we renew our wedding vows. We still will choose you.

Xena and Troy
Linda Jones
Thank Your for such a beautiful Wedding Service. We where honored.
Tanya Ford
My wedding day was the best day of my life. Thank you so much Dr. Patricia for all you do and how you do it, Thank you.

I would recommend Dr. Patricia for all weddings if I could. She is most calming, personable, loving and kind. This lady walked me through my wedding for a year before my wedding and then she sealed it on our wedding day. She Rocks.

Thank you again Dr. Patricia.

Terrance and Tanya Ford
Sarah Parker
Wonderful Ceremony and thank you for being part of this on my special day
Dr. Patricia D.
Thank You for all of the Wonderful Reviews. I am Honored and Priviledged to be invited to your Wedding Ceremony and to Spend the 1st Day of Your Happily Wedded Life With You.

Thank You,
Dr. Patricia D.
Haley Flowers
We had an absolutely lovely ceremony because of the wonderful officiate! Thank you for being part of our special day and for the wonderful words!
Cynthia Paul
Thank you Dr. Patricia, our service was beautiful and when we renew our vows in 5 and 10 years, will call for your services again. This lady goes above and before for you. she did for us. He is the read deal. Thank you so much.
Joanne Bufoye
Thank you pastor for your profound words at our wedding ceremony. We were blessed to find you and I am honored you did our ceremony. Thank you. And we recommend you to anyone looking for an awesome and down to earth Officiant.

J and G Burfoye
Rebecca McKinnin
We would like for the world to know that Dr. Patricia is the real deal. She came to our home and did our service. It was small. Just family and the children and she made it really big and lavish for us. Thank you Dr. Patricia. Thank You for being whom God has made you to be. Thank you for your kind words and for all of our kindness. We would do anything to help you. Thank you.

Sam Jones
I would like to thank you Dr. Patricia for showing up and doing our destination wedding at the Tree in the Mall (I hope you got the pictures so you may post them here). Thank you so very much. You will never know how much that meant to us, and our family. If you want a Minister that listens and hears, this lady is an angel. She surely showed up and only God could have sent her. If you choose another officiate, you will truly be missing out on a blessing of a lifetime. She really does go above and beyond. We Sincerely Thank You Dr. Patricia.
Patricia Jones
What a wonderful service. I am forever indebted and grateful to you. Thank You Dr. Patricia for such a beautiful service. God has his hands on you in your life. The service was so full of the Spirit I wanted to get up and shout. Thank you dear. I am a proud mother today. I Married My Best Friend and with your Blessing, the rest of our life will be as beautiful as today was. Thank you Dr. Patricia. If I could recommend you to the world, I would. May you Blessed forever. Amen Amen
David Jones
Thank you Reverend. From the bottom of my heart. We thank you for every thing. Very Nice Minister. She went above and beyond all measures for us. From the heart inside, your a beautiful person and the whole family thanks you. If you now sure, pick this lady. She is the best.
Jammie Coleman
Thank you reverend for coming last minute to marry us. I really appreciate you and your son for all you did for us. My neighbor recommend you and you was as nice as she said you would be and you did so much more than expected. I do not have the words to say how you made us feel, so I will just say: thank you a thousand times over.
Veronica S
What a wonderful and Beautiful Lady. Thank you Dr. P for such a wonderful and beautiful wedding day. Thank you for our perfect vows, the beautiful prayer and all the extra that you Never had to do. Thank You Dr. P.
If your looking for a Wedding Officiate. I Recommend Dr. P 100. She is a 1st Class Lady all the way. I cannot thank you enough. May God continue to bless you and your precious son. He helped guide our guest in and made sure everyone was seated and was so polite and mannerable. Just 1st Class all the way. Many Many Many Many Thank You's.
Dr. Patricia D.
Thank You Once Again for inviting me to a part of the The First Day of thr Rest of Your Lives. I am Honored and it is a Blessing to be invited.
Robbin Moore
Thank You Dr. Patricia. I know Tom did a Review, but I wanted to do my own. Thank You so much for keeping me calm, the counseling sessions and just helping us get it all together. We tell everyone about you. Thank you so much. May you stay as you are and may God Continue to Bless you forever.
Tom moore
Thank You Dr. Patricia, You are the best. We had a perfect wedding and we have you to thank. Not sure of what to say, just that I am Blessed to have found you and We were Blessed to have you for counsel and to perform our ceremony. May you be Blessed forever more.

WE Love You. Tom and Robbin Moore
MR Ndoro
Thank you Dr.Patricia.I was nervous on the day, you turned my wedding into a very memorable ceremony.Thank you again for the smiles.
Misty P
Dr. Patricia is the best. She was available in a short notice. She is very professional and loving. She makes sure that your day is as perfect as possible! Love her! Will definitely use her for my kids as well!!!!!!!!
Monique Robbins
Dr. Patricia is AWESOME. She was very loving and genuinely caring and when all was said and done, she super exceeded what I had expected. All kinds of everything went haywire our wedding day, but from the first day she spoke with us, until keeping in touch just to make sure we we're on the right track after the Wedding to the Beautiful Plaque she sent us with our Wedding Vows on it, you cannot and will not find a more qualified and personable as well as professional wedding officiant. She calmed our guest and stayed to say grace over our 1st meal and then as she said: she graciously disappeared. She is hands down the best and I have recommended her for my cousins wedding. I cannot say enough, but what I can say is she was pure professionalism. She came prepared. She ask all the right questions and we had the most Elegant Chapel Wedding. She did not try to take us to the cleaners for her services and the counseling sessions we most needed. 2 thumbs Up Dr. P. Thank You.
Dr. Patricia D.
I would Sincerely like to thank you for all the Wonderful Review You have written. The Best Compliment is Word of Mouth and Today I am Honored and Humbled that You have chosen to speak so highly of me.

Neeka R
My name is neeka let me tell you , when I say booking THE GIFT OF LOVE WEDDING was the best decision I made trust me. I had sooo very many apprehensions on how the day would go, would it run smoothly, would it be everything I hoped for and I'm here to tell you , yes and more yes . Oh my gosh I can't Even put into words how beautiful professional caring and compassionate this day was. I can be a bit of a bridezilla but when I walked through the door to my rehearsal and my official wedding day I kid you not I was floored with awesomeness. The price was like no this can't be real for this amazing Ness the price was an absolute steal . The officiant was pure perfection, the delivery beyond perfection, this day was absolutely perfect . Would I recommend Gifts of live weddings , yes to EVERYBODY .. ABSOLUTELY amazing . I can't wait to renew my vows and relive this day over again .
Aniska Laidley
Our last minute/surprise wedding was a success thanks to Dr. Patricia. I was so blessed to have stumbled across the most amazing reviews of Dr. Patricia while searching for an officiant who would travel to our home. She was quick to respond and eager to get to know me. She didn't judge my decision to plan a surprise wedding for my husband but was equally excited when I told him 2 days before. Dr. P likes to get to know her couples(even on short notice) and prays for and encourage them in all their needs. She kept telling me I'm here for you,is there anything you need? Seriously who does that? Only a person who is passionate about what they do. I could write a book on how awesome she is but I did better I recommended her to my sister in law and she did exceptional at their wedding. I think it's safe to say she is officially part of our family. I'll continue to recommend her to everyone I know. Truly a blessing!
Sara Lewis
Thank You Dr. Patricia for being our wedding officiant. She is so professional and patient. She talked us through the ceremony, which was a social theme. She walked us through our vows, which we wrote, but we're crying to terribly to read and she did a salt service at the end. She was wonderful and although she did not stay to eat with us, she did drive to the hall where our our reception was being held just to say the grace over the food. Dr. Patricia was a blessing to our union. I would recommend her for all weddings if I could. Thank you so much. Our whole family enjoyed the service.
Betty James
Thank You Dr. Patricia. She did a really good job. She performed my daughters service at the pier on Lake Ray Hubbard and and it was amazing. She came prepared. Calmed everyone when my daughter was crying. She was very pleasant and kind. We enjoyed her service and visiting with her.

Thank You Dr. Patricia
Lisa Ovalle
Dr. Patricia is an amazing person. Words cannot describe the many gifts she has to offer.
Abbie Warren
Doctor Patricia performed my wedding and she was absolutely awesome. She has such an compassionate heart and spiritually grounded. Lovely person
Kesha Franklin
Dr.Patricia Demps words cannot describe how compassionate she is. She is a very dynamic speaker and she takes time out to know the bride and groom. I would recommend her highly to anyone that's getting married.
Paul Sam
Thank you Dr. Patricia for your love and sharing your time with us on our Wedding Day. I feel honored to leave you a review and let the world know what a blessing you were to Terri and I. Dr. P drove to Baton Rouve Rouge, Louisiana and stayed 2 days just for our reversal and our very special wedding day. She was calm, patient, full of smiles, love, motivation and she was most humble. Both of our respective families loved her and we do also. Our wedding was flawless and we we owe it all to you Dr. P. Thank you for your continued support of us since our union and moving forward. I wish I could recommend you and your life coaching to the world. We are very grateful to have met you.
joselyn Rodriquez
Dr.Patricia. D made this event more than memorable. I am extremely spiritual and take vows very seriously and I wanted an officiate that would make this moment amazing and momentus. I couldn't even begin to describe and pay homage to Dr. P 's professionalism compassion understanding and verse in spiritual things...I'm still overjoyed.... I wish I could do this day over so that I old experience that's same moment.
Tanya GardnerEvans
Contacted Dr. Patricia about performing an wedding ceremony for my parents that were going to be remarried in their home. The day came and she performed such a lovely ceremony that we were able to provide a beautiful event for them. She even had a beautiful set of their vows made that she sent them after their wedding. I will recommend her to friends and family to officiate other weddings.

Gifts of Love - Wedding Officiants in Dallas TX

Religious affiliations:

"All that is needed for a Wedding is: The Couple, a Marriage License, and Me; Dr. Patricia D."  [Licensed and Ordained Wedding Officiant]

Dr. Patricia has been Officiating Weddings for over 25 years and each Wedding is Special, Different and Unique. She offers her Servitude to couples in Love who want to spend the rest of their lives together as ONE. Dr. Patricia extends her Service's to the many different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and Faiths as a Wedding Officiant. She offers detailed attention to your individual desires to help create your wedding day.

There are a variety of Options, Services and Functions based on what you as a Couple, desire for your Special Day. We may be Creative, keep it Nice and Simple, or make it as Elegant or as Classy as Your vision and plans. "I am here to be of Service to YOU". 

"I will perform the Ceremony of your request, sign your Marriage Certificate and Ensure it is Returned back to the Proper Officials for Legalization and a Happy Married Life". In addition to Traditional and Civil Wedding Services, I also specialize in: Destination Weddings, Elopements, Last Minute Weddings; and Our Just Us Two Services is very popular amongst Brides and Grooms. We also offer, The Traditional Wedding Services, Theme's, Unity Candle, Salt, Rose and Sand Ceremony's. Commitment Ceremonies as well as The Renewing of "Marriage Vows" Ceremony's.

*We offer many other Theme's and Accessories. (Ask About Our Discounts)

For inquires, Please contact Dr. Patricia D. at the one of the points of contact below:


***[If you plan to have a Rehearsal, please include that time and date in your inquire]

Dr. Patricia D., is a world renowned Life Coach, Keynote Motivational Speaker, and the Proud Published Author of The Explosive Books:

*The Rape Of A Female Soldier

*Psychic's vs. Prophet's.


To Book Dr. Patricia D., for Guest Speaking, and Keynote Speaking Engagements, Please go to her website -

or contact her via email -  DrPatriciaD@

I am a Proud Veteran Parent, to have my Son Serve In the Untied States Military With the Army Band where he will also play for many Military Weddings.

Thank you Son,
Your Mom Love You Always
Call Soon To Book Your Ceremony Today.

~Dr. Patricia D.
What a Wonderful Memorial Day Service.
Thank You for your Love and Support, for inviting me to your Wedding, as your Wedding Officiate, and for Repostonf and Recommending me for Future Weddings and Purchasing My New and Explosive Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational and Suspense Novel: The Rape Of A Female Soldier.

~Dr. Patricia D.
Dr. Patricia D., Wedding Officiate, Life Coach, Spiritual Practitioner and Keynote Motivational Speaker, is also the Proud and Published Author of the New and Explosive Novel The Rape Of A Female Soldier [Available at All Major Book Stores, Amazon, Goodreads, BAM ~ Books A Million, Barns and N], or you may purchase Your $25 Autographed copy at:

Thank You Once Again,

~Dr. Patricia D.

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