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Reverend Phil Landers is a full-time wedding minister who performs about 125 weddings a year. He offer a free one hour consultation so that he can get to know you and your loved one, your story, your spiritual or non-spiritual journey, and how he can customize your wedding. During the consultation, he will present you with videos and scripts to help you get an idea of how he performs at a ceremony.

Your ceremony can be as religious or non-religious as you two want it to be, but one thing is certain, that you can enjoy a fully personalized wedding, tailored to suit your needs and your love story. Reverend Phil will never force his “religion”, which he prefers to call his "relationship with Jesus", on your ceremony.

Rev. Phil will suggest lovely additions to your ceremony such as the unity wine, unity candle, unity beer, memorial candles, unity sand, flowers for mothers, or Blessings from the audience. In the end, you decide what you want for your ceremony. He also may provide you with vows if you chose not to write or memorize your own. It can be hard to read your own vows from a card as you are tearing up, so he can provide you with a "repeat after me" method.

Chicago Wedding Officiant serving Chicago and Suburbs with no travel fee. If he is not available, Rev. Phil has an experienced team of ministers that can perform your wedding with his same style. Rev. Phil can also perform a renewal of vows.




Located in Chicago - Suburbs, IL