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JIC Marriage Ceremonies
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Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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JIC Marriage Ceremonies - Wedding Officiants

Religious affiliations:

If you are looking for a professional to officiate your wedding, I have performed ceremonies for over 15 years. I am a recognized wedding Officiate, Reverend and Cantor. My values of faith, unconditional love, and respect to keep relationships in full bloom come from my firsthand experience of being married to my beautiful wife for 47 years. I put a lot of effort into creating ceremonies that personally emphasize these values. 

I aim to make a ceremony that embraces a warm and loving atmosphere. I can accommodate your preferences whether they are traditional, unique, intimate or spiritual. I think it is important that every couple spend the time to write and learn their special vows as they should come directly from the heart.

I will even incorporate musical presentations, readings, sand pouring with two different colors, or the lighting of unity candles. I feel it is extremely important to personalize and customize your wedding to your liking. 

My wife Linda, whom is a Ceremonial Coordinator, offers her services as well, as a compliment to working with us. She can provide you with everything from officiating rehearsals and reviewing wedding documentation to ensuring everything is completed properly and in full. Every element of the ceremony will be brought together and blended seamlessly by my wife.

We offer free, in-person consultations to collaborate with you in order to provide what you want for your service. I also perform vow renewals, baby naming's, and counseling services.


Located in Scottsdale, AZ