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Perfect Touch Custom Weddings
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4543 S. Lulu Ave
Wichita, KS 67216
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Perfect Touch Custom Weddings - Wedding Officiants

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We are your one source for all your wedding/event planning
and wedding officiant needs in the Wichita, Kansas metro area.

Ronni Johnston, O.M.    

Accredited Bridal Consultant, Certified Wedding and Event Planner


Email  or write to: Weddings@YourPerfectT


Are you wishing for a Perfect Wedding or Special Event?  We know how to make that happen.  We LOVE weddings and parties, and, we want to help you love YOURS.


Planning a wedding or special event is complex, even for most simple celebrations.  We are committed to creating exactly the right experience for every couple we meet.  Our mission is clear and to the point: Create Perfect E, Stress-Free and On-Budget.  The trick is to have a well-defined plan, one that includes great attention to every detail.  Whether you want us to handle all the details or  just want professional guidance while you handle the specifics, we can make your dream a reality.




The word "Custom" is in our business name for a reason.  We make sure to spend time understanding every couple's needs, desires and details.  Then, we help make sure to provide exactly the level of service you need.  We provide services at a complete range of price points.  Because, for any budget large or small, our goal is always to maximize every dollar,  we are never a luxury expense, but always a valuable asset.


We won't force you into packages that don't match your needs, but, instead, offer to meet with you and create the custom package that is an exact match for your wedding vision.   

We're also willing to provide services ala carte, with no obligations and no pressure.  We know that the greatest value we offer to any event is to be willing to meet with the client on their terms. 


We are happy to answer your questions!  Contact us to learn more TODAY!

Located in Wichita, KS