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Rabbi David Degani and Cantor Lee Degani
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US and south/Central florida
Boca Raton/Orlando, FL 33428
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Rabbi David Degani and Cantor Lee Degani - Wedding Officiants

Religious affiliations:

As a Florida rabbi of Jewish weddings or interfaith weddings I, along with my wife Cantor Lee, have had the honor of officiating at countless weddings throughout the state of Florida, south and central America and the Islands.   

In all cultures a wedding is a sacred union of two loving souls. A Jewish wedding and an interfaith wedding are no different.   

Over the years we have helped couples create wedding ceremonies with great sensitivity to their Jewish wedding and interfaith wedding needs and wishes.                 

Brides and Grooms may come from diverse backgrounds.Planning a wedding ceremony is about bridging various family ethnic customs and combining various traditions with your own desires. This weaving together of different traditions is a wonderful spiritual experience for you and your respective families. It makes the ceremony uniquely yours. Indeed, for every wedding ceremony there are many genuine wedding ceremonial roads leading to the joining together of a loving bride and groom, and all these roads are wonderful 

Located in Boca Raton/Orlando, FL