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Ralph's Regal Weddings

Wedding Officiant & Minister in Spokane, WA and surrounding areas.

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Spokane, WA 99223
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Ralph's Regal Weddings - professional wedding officiant in Spokane, WA

Religious affiliations:

We are Ordained, Non-Denominational Wedding Ministers who believe such a wonderful public declaration of love should express the couple’s own convictions and unique personalities. Whether you desire a religious or a civil ceremony, or prefer to blend traditional and modern styles, we accommodate couples with guidance to find the perfect fit for the perfect ceremony.

We are very accommodating for all weddings and couples and provide services for many who have difficulty finding a wedding officiant to perform non-traditional wedding ceremonies; such as divorced couples, same-sex couples, co-habituating couples, couples with children and also Hand-fasting Rituals for Wiccans.


We find it is important to provide packages that can cater to a couples specific needs and desires, so we have developed a few various options from simple to elaborate for you to choose from:


Prince of Wales Package    

- An affordable, full-service package.
- As simple or elaborate as you want.
- Either a Civil or Religious ceremony.
- May add a Unity Ceremony, a Rose Ceremony or custom written vows.
- A Ceremony Coordinator to provide direction at both the ceremony and the one-hour wedding rehearsal.
- 2 professionals, for the price of 1.


Queen of England Package
- Full-service premium package.
- Design your own one-of-a-kind ceremony.
- 2 hours of in-person consultation with the Ceremony Coordinator.
- Assistance with designing your unique ceremony and writing your own custom vows.
- May include a Rose Ceremony, a special musical selection or a Unity Ceremony in their ceremony.
- Both the Wedding Officiant and the Ceremony Coordinator provide direction at both the ceremony and the one-hour wedding rehearsal.
- 2 professionals, for the price of 1.


Princess of Scotland Package

- Basic package for intimate gatherings at your location or home, of fifteen or fewer friends or family. 
- 2 witnesses, provided by the couple.
-  A simple Civil Ceremony with the standard, familiar ceremony vows.
- The Wedding Officiant and Ceremony Coordinator consult the couple and witnesses prior to the ceremony to go over the staging of the ceremony.
- They provide ceremony direction for the wedding ceremony. 
- Offered primarily between November 1 and April 30.
(The availability of this package during the rest of the year is limited by our schedule)



Our goal is to provide you with a flawless ceremony of your dreams. We provide you with a ceremony staging that offers suggestions for ceremony music and scripts to the DJ, Musicians, Singers to ensure everything goes according to plan. For larger events, we offer a wireless, hands-free microphone with a cordless PA speaker/iPod player so that all the guest can hear the ceremony.



Located in Spokane, WA