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Wedding Minister ~ Reverend James
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cedar rapids, IA 52302
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Wedding Minister ~ Reverend James - Wedding Officiants

Religious affiliations:

Victorian Lace has been noted as the most romantic bed and breakfast in eastern Iowa. I have been told that my weddings are very enjoyable.

I will give you a copy of the wedding and the whole sermon for future reference, and a fictitious license from the early 1900's.

I have married over 300 couples in the last five years. The Bed & Breakfast can handle up to 10 people at the wedding, if your wedding is bigger then that, I will help you find another location.

Wedding Fees:

- For the wedding I charge $200, that includes 1 hour for the wedding.
- For rehearsals I charge $100 that includes 1 hour, and usually that's enough time to practice.
- For travel I charge-.50 cents per mile, For locations more then 100 miles other fees may apply. (Hotel room)
- For a room that a bride can use to get ready in,(something borrowed,something blue) at Victorian Lace we charge $25.

We offer a refreshing and relaxing refuge for guests desiring the warmth and hospitality often forgotten in our fast paced world.

Victorian Lace Bed and Breakfast is located at the northeast edge of Cedar Rapids and Marion in a quiet safe neighborhood with plenty of off street parking and space enough to roam.

Your hosts, Jim and Renee Condit look forward to serving you and making your time here extra special.  



Reverend Condit helped give us our dream wedding. We booked him on short notice, he drove to the location we chose for our wedding and gave a beautiful sermon. We will definitely be booking him again for a vow renewal or ceremony with family. - Sarah

Rev. Condit was amazing! We had a very casual family ceremony and he did an excellent job keeping everything light and humorous throughout, which was exactly what we wanted! He met with us for a little over an hour about a month before our wedding to get to know us and show us our options so we could pick and choose what we wanted to include in our ceremony And then called the week before to go over everything again. He really personalized our ceremony for us, to the point where our parents asked if we'd known him before! - Erin

Jim was absolutely wonderful. Our service was very intimate and personal. He was professional and eloquent. We highly recommend him. - Richard

We are same sex "Julien".Reverent James was the Best reverent ever. Ceremony he did for us was Absolutely A I would recommend his services to  Brilliant job !!!!!! - Andrey

We wanted a simple yet romantic ceremony, and Reverend James delivered! Our ceremony was performed in his B&B, Victorian Lace. It was decorated beautifully for Christmas, and our vows were said right in from of the Christmas Tree. He wrote a touching sermon with the vows and it was beyond our expectations. - Vanessa & Justin

Located in cedar rapids, IA