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Archbishop David Leon Cooper
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Archbishop David Leon Cooper - Wedding Officiants in Los Angeles, CA

Religious affiliations:

Marriage is a very beautiful and life altering institution. As a no hassle wedding priest, I hope to create a dream wedding for you and your loved one. At any location you desire, we can officiant; whether your wedding is at a chapel, your house, or outdoors.

I am a valid priest who is fully ready and able to officiate your wedding with no waiting, no classes and no hassles.

A bishop is a successor to the Holy Apostles and may grant one a Dispensation. A priest alone is not sufficient if you have an impediment. A bishop's dispensation is required for a Previous Marriage, Difference in Religion, Lack of baptism of one party, and other numerous situations. An Archbishop (also known as Metropolian) holds the position of the highest ranking bishop. 

I have Vatican succession as well as multiple Eastern Orthodox lines of succession. (Any one of which is considered valid.) I am dedicated to providing solutions to those who need them. You and your loved one are entitled to the blessings of a priest.