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Our wedding coordinators will help with all your wedding planning needs, assuring you will have the wedding you've been dreaming of

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Wedding planning -tips

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful tasks anyone can undertake. Many couples buckle down and do it together but an increasing number are deciding to take the professional skills of a wedding planner to secure the smooth running of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Hiring a wedding planner is undoubtedly an additional cost but they can actually save you money in the long run. And if your real budget is lack of time and peace of mind, they are truly invaluable! But hiring the right weddin...

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You may be simply overwhelmed by the thought of coordinating an event involving hundreds of your guests, many different vendors, licenses and equipment rentals, your own personal appearance, travel, honeymoon...all in a timely fashion while radiating bridal joy and bliss - not the true panic you feel on seeing your to-do list. A wedding planner is a professional, experienced wedding consultant who is unfazed by even the most chaotic of wedding scenarios. Many couples feel like a wedding planner is an extravagance, like a personal stylist, but we have credible, reputable wedding planners/consultants who genuinely know tried and tested tips to save time, money and alleviate stress. Far from being a luxury, a wedding planner can actually ensure your wedding runs more economically and efficiently.

Wedding planners are hired wedding professionals to complete a specific project - much like an architect to design a building- and oversee it in all its stages to completion. They will receive a fee on completion of that task as per a signed contractual agreement you as a couple and the wedding planner drew up. They help you set up a realistic wedding budget, listen and interpret your vision, come up with an overall detailed plan of the entire wedding, from the big factors to the smallest, research and find you the best and most original locations in the area. As they are experienced and have a broad wedding network base, they are able to cut deals and find find top florists,photographers, caterers, bands, DJs in your price range.

They are your spokesperson, articulating your wishes clearly to the different vendors. They help you plan and book your honeymoon. You are likely to get huge discounts or extras as a result of your planner’s connections. The wedding planner will also read over all the vendor contracts to ensure everything is there.

They will create a timeline, handle the invitations as well as tracking RSVPs. They may direct the wedding rehearsal, create the seating chart for the wedding reception, coordinate newspaper announcements and buy the wedding favors. They will advise on proper etiquette and wedding trends and, on the actual day, supervise vendors’ set up and delivery, handle emergencies and try to calm your jitters.

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