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Atack Protection Group Inc.
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8750 Holly Court Unit 201
Tamarac, FL 33321
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Atack Protection Group Inc. - Wedding Services

ATACK Protection Group is a full fledged Private Investigator agency. Our investigators are fluent in English and Spanish. All of our investigators have the training necessary to take on the case that best fits their skills. ATACK Protection Group uses our knowledge and experience to assist our clients with Executive Protection, Body Guards, Infidelity Investigations, Domestic Investigation, Anti-Kidnapping, Surveillance, High Rick Security Specialist, Civil Investigations, Missing Person Investigations, back ground profiles as well as Criminal and Legal Investigation

ATACK Protection Group is available for short or long term assignments. Our experience guarantees that your assignment will be handled with professionalism and will be given the utmost attention. Some of our high profile clients include John Travolta, Katt Williams, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy. You have imagined the scenarios, revisited the conversations and you have asked yourself all the questions; now, you want concrete proof. At ATACK Protection Group, we provide our clients with the evidence they require to have peace of mind.

We have resources that are available to provide air and ground transportation, including accommodations for rescue boat operations. Their employees are licensed, insured and have extensive backgrounds including special operations and covert intelligence.

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Located in Tamarac, FL