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Deschutes Detective Agency
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PO Box 8089
Bend, OR 97708
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Deschutes Detective Agency - Wedding Services

Deschutes Detective Agency Provides:

Private Investigators and Site Security Officers:
Criminal and Civil Investigation, Executive Protection, Special Weapons Team, Surveillance, Personal Injury Investigations, Insurance
Claim Investigations, Background Checks, Ranch Security, Repossessions, Work Place Protection, Service of Process, Jewelry
Salesman Escort, and Night Patrol. We are the only security company to provide Executive Protection and security for the Jeld-Wen
Tradition PGA Tournament.

Certified DPSST Unarmed Instructor and Armed Instructor:
We provide Oregon DPSST instruction and handgun training for certification as an Unarmed/Armed Security Professional. I am one of
two certified instructors in Central Oregon qualified to teach Armed Security Professionals. Therefore I instruct the mandatory training for
all of Deschutes Detective Agency Professionals. DDA’s special weapons team receives additional training from R.E.A.C.T. a very
specialized training school. R.E.A.C.T. is staffed with highly qualified professional instructors and trainers.

Arthur Smith

I’m Arthur Smith the owner and lead investigator for Deschutes Detective Agency. I established Deschutes Detective Agency in
November of 2007. I am a bonded Licensed Private Investigator with the State of Oregon. I expanded my company in 2008 to include
Private Security Professionals. Prior to starting DDA I supervised and managed a private security company for five years. My security
professionals are ready to provide your company with any security needs that you may require. DDA has available our newly formed
special weapons team for executive protection. DDA security professionals are fully uniformed armed and unarmed. All DDA officers
are personally managed and supervised by my staff. If your company requires security officers to appear in plain clothes for a special
detail we will accommodate your needs.

I am an Oregon State Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Licensed Executive Manager and Certified
Unarmed/Armed Security Professional. I have served on the Oregon State DPSST Policy Committee representing Private Investigators
since 2008. I am now in my second two year term formulating policy for private security and private investigators in Oregon.

Background history includes:
Graduated-California Military Academy 1968 commissioned Lieutenant US Army and Cal National Guard. Served as a Company
Commander in San Diego for three years.
Graduated-University of California Sacramento with Bachelor of Arts in History 1981
Graduated-Peninsula University, Mt. View, CA with Bachelor of Science Law 1990
Graduated-Peninsula University, Mt. View, CA with Master of Science Law 1991
Graduated-Peninsula University, Mt. View, CA with Juris Doctor in Law 1992


Andrew Walters

I’m Andrew Walters, an Investigator and Security Officer for Deschutes Detective Agency. I have been a Private Investigator and working
for DDA for two years. I have worked in various security positions over the past several years: I have worked as a park ranger, college
security, hospital security, psychiatric patient transportation, night patrol and loss prevention. I have done background investigations,
service of process, executive protection, criminal investigations, surveillance, person trace and much more. I have worked as a Reserve
Deputy Sheriff and I am currently in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves. I have been in the Coast Guard for three years and I have served at
Port Security Unit 313, Tacoma, WA and at USCG Station Cape Disappointment, Ilwaco, WA.

I am an Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Licensed Executive Manager and certified
Armed/Unarmed Security Professional. I am also a Licensed and bonded Private Investigator with DPSST.

Located in Bend, OR