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New York Security Professionals
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10 Glenmere Rd
Chester, NY 10918
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New York Security Professionals - Wedding Services

Providing the best security for any event to make sure the event runs smooth and safe with out any disruptions.Our goal is to make the days events run smoothly and you have a pleasurable experience.

A company established in 2008, was formed to set a high standard. We want other companies to take notice of the way professionalism and integrity in the security industry should be.
We pride ourselves in the way we conduct our hiring -we don't place help wanted ads anywhere looking for new employees. We hire and hold interviews only on personal recommendations. We look for individuals with leadership and respect for themselves and others. We also want people who have a past history working in high pressure situations. With the combinations of experience, leadership, and respect we hope to provide our clients with the very best.
With providing the very best we have formed lasting relationship with our clients. We establish goals every year for our company. We set these goals so that we are never behind or caught off guard in any situation. By setting goals, learning and training all the time we can honestly say we are the best!
We hope that we can prove to you why we are the best once you use our company. You can see why we meet the standards and set the bar higher on what security should be.

Located in Chester, NY