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The one security solutions LLC
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Omaha, NE
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The one security solutions LLC - Wedding security Services


The One Security Solutions provides experienced, professional, trained and reliable uniformed Security Officers for your big day and other events. Whether you prefer armed or unarmed officers we are the most secure service in the industry. Maintaining close relationships with our clients and addressing all issues in an expedient manner is very important to both the success of your event and the success of our service. 


Church Services:

In the midst of praise, vows, worship or ceremonies, we provide removal of any escalated situations, as well as, detainment until proper law enforcement arrives. We see to it that all gifts, funds and properties of value are safely transported and secured.

Private event:

We provide surveillance on both foot or vehicle patrol. With vehicle checks and monitoring of all personal entering and exiting your location, sweeps throughout the event. 




Exclusive protection services:

(Armed/Unarmed protection services)
From individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their celebrity status, employment, associations, wealth or geographical location.

Commercial Properties:

Providing a sense of security for a safe workplace is vital to running a successful business. We offer a custom package with a variety of different options from foot & vehicle patrol to Video monitoring services. 


From 50-1000 people, we provide custom concert security services with our special skills and qualifications. With checkpoints, pat downs, and metal detector, we utilize all of these security measures to make sure the crowd is safe at all times.



Special services included: CPR/AED, Crises Intervention, Pressure point control Tactic PPCT, spontaneous knife defense, basic self-defense training, first-responder training.




Located in Omaha, NE