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Wedding decorations - tips

You’ve had fun your engagement party, and now you’re ready to buckle down and plan your big day. Here are some decoration tips to help you with your wedding.

Before we even get started with decorations, you’re going to want to put together a budget. How much money would you like to put into your wedding? What is your vision? For instance, do you want a small gathering, or a lavish event? Figuring out your budget will give you a direction for the rest of the planning.

Next, start thinking of your theme. This is where the fun comes in. This is the time to think about what you really want. Have you always loved Old Hollywood glamour? Why not put together a vintage styled wedding. Really think about what you want and what will make you happy on your big day.

After deciding on a theme, you should figure out a color scheme for your wedding. You're going to want to have a color combination. Classic colors for weddings are white, blue, lavender, and pink. If you need help thinking of a color scheme, take a look at many types of weddings. Try looking at Pinterest. They have tons of wedding photos to draw inspiration from.

Now that you’ve figured out your budget and theme, let’s talk decorations. Make your wedding look amazing with some great decorations!

Balloons are an affordable way to decorate your wedding. To add some charm, decorate your wedding aisle with some pretty balloons. You can even put balloons on the tables for a nice decoration.

Blush, lavender, and white balloons all could add a touch of elegance to your wedding. You could also consider bright colored balloons could also be a great decoration option. If you wanted, you could even put together a balloon wall. It creates a great backdrop for pictures!

You can’t go wrong with flowers. Flower arrangements make great centerpieces for any table.

You’re going to first want to find out what flowers are in season and what flowers are grown in your region. Then, decide on what colors you’ll have in your arrangement, and put your flowers together.

For a classic and elegant look, consider going for white flower arrangements. They look attractive and match with everything.

If you need help with flower arrangements, consider hiring a florist. They can put together some gorgeous arrangements for you.

Liven up your tables with gorgeous centerpieces. There are many centerpieces to choose from.

Flowers make great centerpieces and add a pop of color to any reception. You could also decorate your tables with pretty candles. They add a romantic flair to any occasion. You could even try placing nice light centerpieces to can add some charm to your tables as well.

Mason jar centerpieces are popular these days. You could decorate mason jars for some nice looking centerpieces. Consider using unique mason jar centerpieces for your wedding occasion.

Get creative with your centerpieces for a memorable reception.

String some lights all around your venue to create beautiful wedding scenery.

There's many types of string lights, but the most popular wedding lights are globe string lights and fairy lights. Globe string lights offer a classic, distinctive look for weddings. Fairy lights offer much versatility and generally make for great table lights.

Drape your trees with lights to create ambient lighting for your wedding. You could decorate your tents with string lights to produce a luminous canopy. If there's a gazebo at your venue, consider decorating it with some lights. They always look gorgeous lit up, and make for great photo ops, too.

Find some charming signs to help your guests at the wedding. Use arrow signs to help direct them to the wedding ceremony and the reception area. You can also add cute signs at the ceremony to help them find seats. Signs like, “now that we’re together forever, we want you to sit wherever” can really add some charm to your wedding.

Banners are also an option to have at your wedding. Consider a banner over the wedding ceremony to make for beautiful photographs.

At an outdoor wedding, think about how to use your space. If there's a lot of open space at your wedding, consider getting an arbor decoration, or rent some plants. You could also put rose petals around the ceremony to add a romantic touch.

When planning an outdoor wedding, consider the weather, too. Decorations could fall off or get damaged due to the weather, so make sure to find decorations that make sense for your ceremony. If you’re going to be outside, consider putting up tents to provide some shelter.

There's a lot of decoration options out there, but you have to make sure they're allowed at the venue. Some venues don’t allow candles or certain lighting equipment at their places because they could create fire hazards. Make sure to check with your venue to find out what you can and cannot have.

If you're going to have a caterer at your wedding, ask them if they can provide event supplies on top of food and beverage. Caterers usually have their own set ups available for you to use.

Ask them if they can lay out linens and decorations at your wedding. They might be able to help you find decorations to complement your theme. Work together with your catering company to design the dining experience you want.

Keep these tips in mind while planning your wedding, and you'll surely be decorating like a pro!