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Wedding rentals - tips

Did you know you could use rentals for your wedding? There are an array of rental options available to you to make your wedding spectacular.

Before you even get started with rental options, take a look at your budget so you know what to consider. If you don’t have a budget, consider putting together one so that you don’t end up overspending for your big day. If you don’t know where to start, try a party calculator, it’s an event planner tool that helps you lay out all the details and figure out how much money you need to set aside.

Once you have your budget, you’re going to want to figure out your theme. This is your time to figure out what your dream wedding will look like. Have you always dreamed of having a princess wedding? Why not throw a wedding a Disney princess would be jealous of. Have you always wanted to have a wedding on a ranch? Why not have a country-style wedding. Take your time to think about what you want. Get creative, discuss ideas with friends and family, and come up with the wedding of your dreams.

Now that you’ve got the main planning out of the way, you can figure out what to rent. There might be still be things you want to add to the location after you’ve booked your venue.

The wedding ceremony will need many things to look complete. You should first check with your venue to find out what items you are missing.

At the ceremony, you’re going to need chairs, so make sure you rent some chairs for the occasion. You’re also going to need aisle runners for the special day. Aisle runners create an elegant statement at the wedding and make the perfect pathway for the bride.

Wedding arches are also important for the wedding ceremony. They are classic wedding staples and make great for wedding photos. If your venue does not provide a wedding arch, consider renting one.

You can also rent lights for your wedding. Two popular lighting options are globe lights and fairy lights. Globe lights are classic string lights that look great at any wedding. Fairy lights are versatile and can be put anywhere.

Make your outdoor wedding beautiful with these rental essentials. To ensure your guests are comfortable, rent some tents to have at the seating area. If you know it’s going to be a hot day, consider renting some misters for your wedding as well. The misters not only keep your guests cool, but also keep your flowers looking fresh. At night, it also might get cold, so consider renting some heaters to keep your guests warm.

If your venue does not have proper restroom facilities, consider renting portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding. There are many types of portable restrooms that you can choose from. You can rent simple one-person portable restrooms, similar to the Porta Potty. You can also rent portable restroom trailers, which can provide comfort and luxury for your guests. Portable restroom trailers vary in sizes, so depending on your needs, you can rent two-stall, three-stall, all the way up to seven-stall trailers.

If you need more flooring at your outdoor venue, consider flooring rentals. They can make it easier to walk outside for your guests. If you have a DJ or live band, you can also rent stages to really impress your guests.

After your ceremony, you’ll want to enjoy the reception with all your family and friends. Don’t forget these rental necessities so that your wedding reception is a blast.

You’re going to need tables and chairs, linens, and tableware for your wedding reception. Make sure to rent these essentials for the occasion. Check with your caterer and see if they have any supplies available for your party. If not, find a good rental company that can provide these crucial supplies.

To get the party started at your reception, make sure to contact a party equipment company. A party equipment company can provide all the supplies you’ll need to celebrate. You can rent disco balls and lasers to have on the dancefloor. You can also rent confetti machines, bubble machines, and even fog machines. There’s a lot of options, and a good party equipment rental company can help you figure out the supplies you need to complete your vision.

Using these rental options, your wedding will surely be one to remember!