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Bachelor Parties

Find and best ideas for your bachelor party from our great selection of bachelorette party experts to create a night you'll never forget.

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Bachelor parties - tips

The bachelor party is to celebrate the groom’s last days of singleness but also to look forward to the wedding and the strengthening of his male friendships. It should be arranged by a close friend, usually the Best Man, someone who knows the groom’s tastes and personality well. PICK A DATE - THE EARLIER THE BETTER!
Definitely not within two weeks of the wedding and preferably any day from a Thursday through to a Sunday. Men get their weekends booked out pretty quickly so make...

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Bachelor parties are given to celebrate the groom and his abandoning of male freedoms for marriage. So the party has to be fun! It should be a time he can share the best of an old life with his close friends and also show his commitment to leaving elements of that for the forthcoming marriage. The party should try to fit as much pleasure and laughs in as possible. If, however, the bachelor’s idea of absolute fun and freedom is fishing in a river, his friends will help engineer that.

Finding a way to stay together as a bachelor party involves some co-ordination. Usually the Best Man is the key organizer, knowing the groom the best. It will involve selecting which of his friends to invite, the location and activities. The groom may have a say in the matter but usually doesn’t. The Best Man will be arranging the transportation, asking invitees for their contributions, fixing the locations and activities. The bachelor party could last just one evening or may cover an entire weekend. It could be in an exclusive steakhouse or at a race course. Maybe, if all members are flush with cash, it could take place in a dance club. Or it may be something simple like beach volleyball followed by a barbecue, bonfire and some beer.

Organizing busy men is a feat in itself; creating a comfortable atmosphere where the groom-to-be feels free to be himself and enjoy his pals’ company is another. You may require some assistance and we are here to help! From travel, transportation (do you want to rent a party bus? Or an RV? Or is the gift a day with a luxury sports car?) to activities, to booking of celebrity character acts or dancers and venues, there is a lot to choose from.

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