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Find the ultimate live band to play in your wedding ceremony and wedding reception

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Wedding bands - tips

This can vary according to time of year, day of the week, the number in the band (could you get a reduced version - do you really need the full twelve piece?) and how heavily booked they are. Be warned: good wedding bands get booked faster than mainstream bands. YOUR FAVORITE BAND VS THE WEDDING BAND
The first choice is whether you want to mark the occasion as special by having you and your beloved’s favorite band to play or a band that specializes in playing at wedd...

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A live band at your wedding playing romantic wedding songs - as well as more upbeat cross-generational ones - can dramatically bring out the joy and exuberance of the occasion. There is nothing that makes a wedding seem like a unique, exclusive show than having your own personal band playing to your favorite people. Live music always brings an element of joy and vitality to any event - especially weddings!

Bands can vary from two or three performers to twelve piece sets or larger. Then there is the genre and musicianship to consider. Some bands that play weddings professionally have a large repertoire and can play anything the bride or groom wishes; others are more focused on their specific genre e.g. reggae, rock'n'roll, country and western and, if it is a celebrity band, they will obviously have their own set list.

Bands entertain your guests and can also provide a playlist of your favorite music, personalized just for you. They make the event unique and tailor-made for your wedding while providing the class only real live musicians can deliver. No autotune!

Alex Levin Music

New York City, NY
1 (917) 974-7761
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Klezmer Fusion Band

Ann Arbor, MI
1 (734) 662-0197
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David Rothstein Music, Inc. - #1 Wedding Enterta

Evanston, IL
1 (773) 719-7610
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Silver Strings

Nashville, TN
1 (615) 293-9730
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