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200 Proof
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Los Angeles, CA 90048
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200 Proof - Catering & Food

200 Proof is a staffing and promotional agency designed to provide professional event
staff who will enhance the appearance of your event.

We believe that beauty, resources and talent are essential in producing an enticing
experience. 200 Proof brings behind-the-scene action front and center by using our team
as a visual component.

200 Proof specializes in providing beautiful bar staff that are hand selected from some of the best venues in town. They are attitude free, engaging and always provide top-notch service. Highly charismatic and professional, our gorgeous staff redefines beauty. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty either.  Your bartenders will be responsible for set up and breakdown of their station including, removing the trash.  They will leave you with an area just as clean or cleaner as when they arrived.  They have the skill set needed for your event with extensive drink knowledge and creativity.

Our bartenders are required to bring a full bar-kit with them to each event.  This kit includes all of the necessary tools needed to prepare your selected beverages.

Specializing in tray service, they are able to engage guests who are more comfortable away from the bar.  They arrive ready to serve your guests with a smile and will make sure every guest away from the bar is always tended to. Our male and female cocktail servers are also expected to retrieve empty glasses, pick up crumpled napkins and other debris, as well as clean the tables

These are our satellite bartenders and are recommended for all large party atmospheres. Bottle service is a perfect way to make your VIP guests comfortable at their own table so they do not have to get up and go to the bar.  Tables are assigned a server to set the table with mixers, alcohol of choice and make the drinks at the table for guests.

Are a great way to get all those finger foods and deserts to your guests during your event. Our staff will deliver these tasty treats in a knowledgeable and friendly way.

Are available whether you are having a 5-course meal or small intimate casual dinner party.  Our servers will tend to your guests needs at the table so your guests can fully relax and enjoy the event.

Are another critical component to your event going off without a hitch, they will constantly be on the look out for dirty glassware, trash and make sure everything stays tidy.

Located in Los Angeles, CA