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Argyle Event Staffing
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137 North Larchmont Blvd. # 480
Los Angeles, CA 90004
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Argyle Event Staffing - Catering & Food

Chris sewed the first threads of his patterns when he was fourteen, bussing tables in his Uncle’s restaurant in upstate New York. 

In Boston, he began Managing Deluca’s Market, then helped open and manage the famous Stephanie’s on Newbury and left to help reinvigorate the infamous Trident Booksellers and Café.

In Los Angeles, he ran the office at Total Success Events and began managing large events for Samantha Sackler, Michele Gan at Serves You Right! Catering, and Joann Roth at Someone’s In the Kitchen, where he directed fabulous events like the Academy Awards nomination party and pre-nomination dinners for Hillary Clinton. In 2005, he made the full time switch to catering and opened Argyle.

Chris’ focus for Argyle is matching great staff to great clients.  His mantra for himself, his business, and his staff is simple:  Work Hard – Have a Good Time Doing it.  He has earned a large amount of brand loyalty over the years with his ability to quickly assess someone’s skill set and place that person exactly where he or she can best shine, and with his equal respect for everyone who is part of the process.

Argyle connects you with intuitive, intelligent staff you’ll want to hire again and again, whether your event is for five guests or five hundred. (Some of our largest entertain up to 5000.) We can fill in all the gaps, flesh out all the lines of your event’s design with our servers, bartenders, bussers, captains, culinary, coat check, registration staff, production runners, brand ambassadors – we’ll provide what you need to make your motif complete.

Design begins with you. We look to your style, your character, your life and take into consideration the event plan as a whole in order to present you with the best options to make your event reflect the best of you. When you hire us for your occasion, you lay down the pattern. We’ll connect the dots.

It’s been 10 years of success at Argyle and we haven’t had a brand update in at least seven! New name, new logo, new vibe, new pretty pictures! It feels like we’ve had a facelift and look 10 years younger.

It’s an honor to have had incredible collaborators in the extraordinary Katie Harkrider of A Good Hurt Productions and the verbiage virtuoso of Samantha Gregory. We added in the brilliant photography of Gustavo Petersen and Claire Barrett to make it all sing! This team worked tirelessly to help makeover Argyle and drag it into 2015.

We look forward to having our new look represent our talent crew. Looking forward to another 10 years of success!

Located in Los Angeles, CA