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Let's Have a Cart Party

Catering and Food Carts in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.

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426 S Wetherly Dr
Inland Empire, CA 91737
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0 Reviews
Scott Z.
These ladies were wonderful dealing with me trying to make a small backyard birthday party into a special event by having a fry cart with all of my kid's...Read more

Let's Have a Cart Party - Catering & Food

Set you wedding venue up with our festive carts and delight in the deluxe offerings they provide. With everything from cold drink carts, hot food carts, Sno cone carts, cookie warmers, hot dog carts, barbecue carts, grilled goods and chopped steak sandwiches to pizza carts, popcorn machines, churros, cotton candy carts and french fry carts, you can't go wrong with our large variety of catering options.

Located in Inland Empire, CA