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The Weddings & Events Corner Llc
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7829 Mulberry Bottom Lane
Springfield, VA 22153
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The Weddings & Events Corner Llc - Decorations

If you are trying to create the wedding look or theme of your dreams but are feeling overwhelmed by the time it takes to build this event, we are hear to help you in all of your decorating needs. We strive to create decorations that truly reflect you style and tastes, as well as, display your unique personalities. While being mindful of your budget, we will do our very best to craft your dreams and bring them to life, whether it is a formal wedding, a casual wedding, a modern wedding or really any theme you desire. Our professional decorator consultants will take care of all the details, from the floor plan and table assignments to the flower arrangements and table card placement. It is important to have someone who is dedicated to your wedding, someone who is on hand who will make sure everything is properly arranged, placed and ready.

Located in Springfield, VA