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Formal Wear

Find the perfect and most elegant formal wear for your wedding party

Wedding formal wear - tips image

Wedding formal wear - tips

So what will everyone be wearing? When planning weddings, there’s always formal wear to consider. SHOPPING FOR BRIDESMAIDS
Your bridesmaids are made up of all your best friends, and you want to make sure they look great on your big day too. There are two different ways to approach bridesmaid shopping: you can either coordinate all the dresses to look the same, or get them to buy their own. If want your bridesmaids to all buy the same dress, there are many things to consider. You shou...

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Formal wear is often required for weddings that are traditional, grand or want to establish that this wedding is a serious and significant event. Unless you are used to White House White Tie events (requiring the most formal of all dress codes) or attending many formal dinners, Black Tie attire can be a challenge.

This will require formal floor-length gowns or a dressy conservatively-colored cocktail dress for the ladies. For the men, a tuxedo, black bow tie, black vest or cummerbund with patent leather shoes is required. There are many outlets that hire out such attire so you don't have to go to the all-out expense of buying your own - unless you feel you will be wearing it again in the future.

There may be formal wear for the bridesmaids, the mother-of-the-bride, the mother-of-the-groom, the ushers, the groomsmen, the Best Man, the ring bearer and flower girls. Obviously, the bride and groom will be the focus of the whole ceremony so, if it is Black Tie, their outfits will be the most formal and elegant.

If the invitation states ‘Black Tie Optional, female guests can wear a cocktail dress or long dressy top and skirt. The men can wear a suit and tie, dark or light, depending on the season. Hats or fascinators for female guests are often required, especially in traditionally-styled weddings. Shoes are an important item - a whole outfit can be ruined by regular shoes instead of appropriate and well-polished footwear!

Just because it is formal, doesn't mean it has to be fuddy-duddy! There are lots of ultra fashionable formal items available and you can still pay homage to trends and specific cultures while dressing appropriately.

You may want to go with designer or have your dress adapted, custom-made. Formal wear can be fun, exciting and bring elegance and a true sense of ceremony to the wedding. Finding the right formal outfits can be an adventure in itself.

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