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Universal Bus Charter
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Falls Church, VA 22041
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Universal Bus Charter - Transportation

Are you looking for an airport shuttle in Washington DC or a charter bus tour for your vacation, special event, or business ? You consider a few things when shopping for bus rentals in Washington DC. Numerous firms out there that are offering this type of services to their customers all over the country, but not all of them are proven to be efficient in the charter or rental bus business. If you are searching for a reliable operator, there is no other company to rely but our DC Bus Rentals.

Universal Bus Charter Inc, a car service in Washington DC, has built a reputation and a successful business making sure people get to wherever they are going in style, in the optimal time and enjoying a worry free ride. We believe that the trip should be just as pleasant as the destination. Our team works with every client, whether they need  DC charter bus or car service, to design a route that is efficient and economical but allows forrelaxed sightseeing as well. We feel the journey is just as important as where you are headed.

We have many repeat customers and we are meeting our goals for the charter bus company through that business as well as new clients. We welcome new clients openly, and will strive to meet your needs to the best of our capability. You will not be disappointed with our car and transportation services..

Quotes are available upon request and will be adjusted for actual services provided.Universal Bus Charter Inc is proud to accommodate group requests and our small team ensures no detail is overlooked. Our goal is to get your group to their destination in the most effective and easygoing way while maintaining a high standard of care for local and long distance trips alike.

Benefits of charter bus rentals in Washington DC
The most important benefit from renting a bus is that you can save some money in transportation expenses. With the rising of fuel price, using a bus is considered as the most economical way for group travel either for short or long trip. The second benefit, Universal Bus Charter Inc provides you with various amenities such as television, music, internet, PlayStation, and etc. You will also get a driver who knows about all areas and attractions in Virginia so everyone in your group can fully enjoy the travel. With these amenities and easiness, travelling by bus is no longer a boring activity.

Another benefit from using bus rental in Virginia, is that it is easier to coordinate all the people in your group. If you use a charter bus, there will be a sense of unity among the people in your group, so individualism can be minimized. In this way, the travel can be more organized, and everyone is happy.

Located in Falls Church, VA