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Photo Booth to Go

Photo booth rentals for weddings in Jacksonville FL

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1124 Riviera Street
Jacksonville, FL 32207
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Photo Booth to Go - Rentals

Rent our REAL automated photo booth!
Like none other, completely re-invented & Uniquely better!

4 styles to choose from:
RetroBooth, ModernBooth, PortaBooth & OpenAir


1- What is the largest group you've had in your photo booth where you can still see everyone's face and they are all in focus? The current record is 15 adults (set 10/04/10 -see picture above). Our intimate 4'x4' photo area (if you don't push the curtain out) is very practical for groups of 2-6 and requires some clever positioning to capture everyone in a group of 7-15!

2- Why is your photo booth better with group shots? Many photo booths only have one fixed seat or bench (designed for a single-person headshot) and don't do well with groups of more than 2 people as the third person's head gets cut in half. Our adjustable 2-seat booth accommodates larger groups (2, 3, 4 or 6+ people) which is not only more fun, but can handle more people in less time.

3- Can our guests choose different colors or types of printouts at our event? Yes, they can choose Color, Black and White, Browntone or Sketch/Negative. It's their personal preference with the press of a button OR we can setup the booth to print 2 strips, one Color and one Black and White or different types of printouts or we can disable this option so all the printouts are the same -It's your choice.

4- What makes your photo booth more entertaining and more fun?Guests standing outside the photo booth can view the TWO external monitors showing the action on the inside of the booth (including live feed LCD monitors). It is extremely entertaining even for non-participating spectators! We can also provide props and message boards for unique photo looks.

5- Is a DSLR photo booth better? NO, a DSLR photo booth has a DOF (depth of field) 'focus area' of less than HALF of our photo booths, so people closer or further from the camera are 'out-of-focus'. Our booths use DSLM and DSLC cameras that have a DOF 'focus area' that insures *EVERYONE is in focus, from the first person (closest to the camera) to the last (furthest from the camera) making for better photos and crisp and clear printouts!

6- My event photographer said she can setup a "photo booth", how is that different? Does it take pictures automatically or is it just a DSLR camera on a stand with a trigger? Do you get instant prints or are the images only viewable on a website? Is there really a booth? or just an 'open-air' photo area. Does it have live feed LCD monitors? Can the guests choose their printout colors with the push of a button? For years photographers have setup 'photo stations' at events with backdrops, lights and a DSLR camera. Just recently some have tried to pass this off as a 'photo booth'. It's just not as fun! To avoid disappointment, be sure you "try before you buy."

7- Can our guests have instant access to the digital files? Yes, we can setup the booth to instantly upload the digital file at your event so your guests can imediately download it to their computer, mobile device or facebook page. Guests can view all the images as they are being taken.

8- Do you offer the cheaper 'digital only' photo booth? No, we include printouts with every photo booth booking so your guests can enjoy their photos immediately without the hassle of having to log on to a website later.

9- Do you charge a prop deposit or damage fee? No, we understand that props will accidently get damaged by your guests, that's beyond your control, so we don't use it as an excuse to charge you extra money! Our prop usage/rental fee covers the costs of replacing props.

10- Can your photo booth take 6 pictures? Yes, we can set it up to take 4 pictures or 6 pictures per group at your event. (for no additonal charge) Remember, 6-pictures will take longer for each group and will shorten the total number of group pictures taken at your event, also with the 6-picture option the images will print smaller.

Located in Jacksonville, FL