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Bachelorette Parties

Find the best ideas for your bachelorette party from our great selection of bachelorette party experts

Bachelorette parties - tips image

Bachelorette parties - tips

The bachelorette party is a place for the bride to have fun with her closest girlfriends, to relax and go wild - outside the stresses and nerves of her forthcoming wedding day. It’s usually arranged by the Maid of Honor with favored female friends, bride-approved. KEEP THE DETAILS SECRET!
Generally, the bride will be hoping for one and dropping hints or questioning her bridesmaids but keep mum! It will be worth it just to see her not having to control everything and just let go and h...

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The bachelorette party is organized usually by a chief bridesmaid or Maid of Honor. It will involve checking out with the bride what she likes/doesn't like three months beforehand and who she would like to invite to her bachelorette party. After the invites are emailed or mailed out and you get some tentative RSVPs back, transportation, locations and activities are usually confirmed. These can be as modest or extravagant as you feel the bride will feel comfortable with.

There is a whole host of wedding services catering to the needs of bachelorette parties. From Spa Days to pole-dancing classes to a female comedy show, there are plenty of opportunities for fun which do not necessarily have to involve a bar tab and naked butlers. Some bachelorette parties are booked 3-4 day vacations with the girls and can be quite extravagant while others are low-key events at someone’s home. But whether the bride-to-be wishes to say farewell to her singleness through a bar-crawl or male strippers or chooses to celebrate with a shared dinner at a favorite restaurant, a concert of an artist you know she adores or an evening of cosmetic pampering, the aim is to have fun, laugh, reminisce, goof out and embarrass the bride just a little. It is always not a gifting party. However, if you want to contribute fun, sexy bits of fun adult toys, or something nostalgic of your shared childhood - necklaces, rings, candy novelties, a scrapbook of memories - this is the appropriate time.

There are often great deals for bachelorette parties at clubs, restaurants, spas and dance schools. If all invitees contribute, the costs can be kept very reasonable indeed.Regardless of whether your bride-to-be is a wild free spirit or more introverted and conservative, there are many, many choices through which you can create a wonderful bachelorette party which will deepen the great memories and friendships she has with her girls.

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