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Finding the best wedding transportation is made easy with our wide selection of wedding limousine companies

Wedding transportation - tips image

Wedding transportation - tips

Transportation is essential to a smooth-running, timely wedding which keeps bridal party, tired guests and you the wedding couple feeling cared for and celebrated. Do not leave it til the last minute to arrange - get a plan together! BOOK 6-10 MONTHS IN ADVANCE
This is especially important if you are getting married in the peak time of May or June when it is prom and graduation time and limos, town cars and formal vehicles will certainly be pre-booked fast. CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES

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Wedding transportation involves providing a sense of occasion and tying in with the theme of the day. As a bride or groom, making your grand entrance also relies on how you pull up: in a vintage Chrysler, a Lincoln Town car or a horse and carriage. If it is a rustic or romantic theme, you may choose to go for a hayride! If you are rockers, maybe a motorcycle.

There is also your bridal party to consider. A bevy of bridesmaids may require a stretch limousine, several town cars or a van. There is also the option of chauffeur services and, if the weather is guaranteed, having a convertible is a way of declaring your special day to the world. There will be older members of the family who will need specific help and different cars too.

Also, consider your guests who may also require transportation if your ceremony is far from your reception venue and there is limited parking. You could use a party bus, a convertible bus or several camper vans - depending on the size and the theme of your wedding. Guest transportation is often welcomed at weddings when the day is long and there is drinking involved.

Other special events require transportation for example, bachelor and bachelorette parties,rehearsal dinner... and can definitely bring a sense of fun and occasion! It is a way of celebrating and sharing an event or outing. Having transportation for an event also ensures no one will be drinking and driving!

You may wish to co-ordinate all the vans and vehicles so that they keep to your color palette or theme. On the other hand, you may wish the bridal party or your own entrance car to be significantly distinct.

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