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2018 Wedding Blogs

What does my Maid of Honor Actually Do?

So youre getting married Congratulations Your big day is only an arms length away and there are hundreds of things that you need to do - and you wont be able to do it all alone - youll need a maid of honour to come along for the ride with you Being a maid of honour is always an honour but its not a duty to be taken lightly Its basically like having all the same duties as the bride plus more without actually having the benefit of getting married - but seeing your best friend get married is more


The wedding stress has ended and now it's time to celebrateyour forever vows - it's time for thehoneymoon But with so many different options choosing the perfect honeymoon spot can be difficult Today we're going to delve into the top honeymoon destinations in the world - voted by people like you Bora Bora With some of the most turquoise water you will ever see in your life there are few places in the world that are more beautiful than Bora Bora Given that it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world you might think that it more

Band or DJ?

When people think of weddings one of the first things that comes to mind is the music and dancing Really the music is the heart and soul of the celebration But how do you know whether you should hire aband or aDJ They both have their pros and cons and when picked properly both can throw an awesome wedding party But how do you decide Step Consider your budget While prices vary from band to band and DJ to DJ the fact is that youre probably going to pay more for a live band than you ever will a more

Bizarre International Traditions

Throwing the bouquet dancing a first dance cutting the cake together - these are all typical wedding traditions that we celebrate in Western culture And though some of them have some pretty strange origins the majority of our traditions don't seem too far fetched or extreme But around the world wedding traditions are quite different And there are some down right strange and bizarre wedding traditions that might make you appreciate our traditions a little more Here are some of the most extreme wedding traditions that we were able to find from around the world Spitting on the Bride more

Do I HAVE to wear white?!

The simple answer to this question is of course not It's your day you can wear anything you want Want to wear an elegant blue dress You can Want to wear a camouflage dress You can andMama June did Want to wear a penguinsuit You can do that too Although we highly discourage it The point here is you don't have to wear white on your wedding day But this leads us to the question where did the tradition of wearing white come from anyways If you were to ask your mother or grandmother they'd probably tell you that more

The Great Outdoors

Today we are becoming more and more aware of the amazing impacts that nature and outdoors can have on our health The smells of nature the picturesque scenery the feel of the grass between our toes - they are all food for the soul In fact research has found that spending time outdoors comes along with a variety of different health benefits Not only can being outdoors boost your energy but it can also improve your vision reduce your pain restore your focus boost your immune system functioning and enhance your creativity But what about for your wedding Well more

Wedding Traditions & the Shocking History Behind Them

Bridesmaids Groomsmen throwing thebouquet carrying the bride over the threshold - weve all heard of these wedding traditions and most of us have actually participated in many of them ourselves or at least we plan to But have you ever really thought about why we do all of these things Why do we have bridesmaids and groomsmen Why do we need something old something new something borrowed and something blue Today we will delve deeper into some of these traditions that we often take for granted - and their history may surprise you Why do we have bridesmaids The more


Is Taco Bell your favorite food ever Or any other fast food chain Enough to have them cater your wedding To be honest I don't see anything wrong with laying out a buffet of Doritos Locos Tacos or amazingly Wild Chicken Chalupas Matter of fact bring on the taco bar Maybe I just enjoy eating junk food or maybe I just love Taco Bells tacos either way I think having a taco bar is a wonderful way to add some humor and casual atmosphere to a wedding There is something inviting about providing an array of well known fast more

Diffusing the In-Law Stigma!

Having problems with your mother-in-law Want to find a way to getting along with your mother-in-law Read these tips on howyou and your mother-in-law can have a better relationship Do not have an open-door policy Instead set up the times to see each other that will work for the both of you If they ask you to make a decision immediately say that you need to check your calendar or with your husband first If your mother-in law tries to force her opinions on you assume she has good intentions say thank you and do your own thing If more

A Wineful Wedding Shower

There are plenty of ideas for having a wedding shower you could even surprise the bride with a private shower for her and her hubby first Ever think to do a wine tasting tour in a limo As a black limo pulled up to the curb Lisa was very surprised when they toldher the limo was for her and it was taking her and her fiance on asurprisetour The chauffeur was holding a dozen red roses and a bottle of Champaign as he held the door open for the couple Lisa and her fiance saw a limo on the more

Would you hire a psychic for a wedding or wedding shower?

Psychic entertainers are a whole lot of fun for several different sorts of events but when it comes to a wedding or wedding shower is it the kind of entertainment you want Of course your guests will LOVE it butyou do run the risk of someone getting a bad fortune read and completely shutting down Which poses the question would you have a psychic at your wedding Many people are skeptical well not many people just brides Brides are taking a big risk having a psychic attend their wedding shower or wedding just because there is a chance of more

It's feeling a lot like summer. Like the idea of Pool Party but don't like the EXTREME Pool Parties that aren't kid friendly?

Summer is all about taking in those rays of gold and being outdoors creating fun memories with family and friends These days when someone hears POOL PARTY ones mind can't help but go straight to wild and crazy half naked women alcohol and semi-innappropriate dance moves - hahaha YOU CAN STILL HAVE A POOL PARTY THAT ISN'T A WILD SPRING BREAK REALITY SHOW A pool party can cater to adults and children alike and STILL be fun and exciting From limbo pool races and pinatas to even an outdoor movie night just wait till you hear some of these more

A White Wedding; with a touch of red & blue.

Nothing says SUMMER WEDDING like getting married on the Fourth of July Whether red white blue are your favorite colors or the Fourth of July is your favorite holiday its time to embrace the tried-and-true color scheme So what sort of elements do you combine to make your Fourth of July wedding really spark Ummm Fireworks Duh oh andSparklers duh duh You don't want to skip out on these items if your theme is an Independence Day wedding Not only are they exciting and add flare to your wedding but they make for AWESOMEphotos How about going the extra more

Achieving a Royal Wedding Dress

Markle knew exactly what she was looking formodern elegant timeless and appropriate So did she achieve that look Meghan Markle started her research for a Royal Wedding Gown inspiration a month after she was proposed to and where do we ALL turn to look for ideas Instagram Pinterest high fashion websites the usual Hence her strive for a modern elegant timeless and appropriate look began It can't be TOO hard when you have designers throwing ideas at you and piling your desk with sketches Her Royal Pull is already in effect She'll never have to ask for anything again more

When Your Fiancé Becomes Your Brother

Dear Expert My mother is a single mom who has raised me all by herself since I was years old Shes put up with me for years through all of my boy drama and it wasnt until I was a senior in high school that I realized how much my mom deserves to have a good man in her life I started guiding her in different dating techniques helping her with her wardrobe and just boosting her confidence in general so that she feels ready to step back into the world of dating I even set her up with more