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Bridal Shoe Strategy!

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When it comes to deciding on a pair of heels for the big day, there are several factors you should take into consideration when finalizing your decision. We ladies tend to overlook a lot of things when we’re excited about an occasion. Shoe’s probably being the most impulse-buy item ever.

I know when I’m looking for a "fire" pair of heels to buy for a night out, and I find a pair that look good on my feet, I buy them. I don’t consider how long I plan to be on my feet, nor do I think about the type of flooring I’m going to be stomping on all night.

Screw it - I admit it, I’m a blind purchasing babe. I’m always willing to risk the comfort of my feeties for a cute pair of shoes. I always tell myself I'll just throw my feet in an ice bucket when I get home - and guess what? I regret it every time. I usually get home, take my heels off and ATTEMPT to stay on my feet - but as soon as I drop my foot to the ground, it feels like someone just shot me in the bottom of it.

Brides, you cannot take these risks! You have a honeymoon to look forward to where, honey, you are going to need your feet! So take some of these tips into consideration before buying your wedding heels, girlfriend!


Get yourself a pedicure - even before shoe shopping, so you know what your feet will look like in their full effect; also, simply because you deserve a pampering for your wedding day, duh. If you plan to be barefoot, in peep-toes, or in sandals, you gotta make that pedi happen, Cap’n.



First things first, there is no law that states you must wear heels to your wedding - WEAR whatever you are comfortable and confident in! Whether that's a pair of flats, rain boots or 6 inch heels. Stay true to your comfortability. That goes for colors also! No one said you have to wear white heels, or silver - or any of that. If you want to wear red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue or purple heels, shoes, boots or sandals - do it; express your own personal style. Or hell, don’t wear shoes at all!

My ass is 5’9, unless I end up marrying someone who is at least 6’3 I’m PROBABLY going to wear flats, chuck taylors, or some hand-me-downs from grandma...You know they always have those 1-inch heels.


You are going to want to get your shoes before your dress fitting so you can bring them along. Not only will they hold a big part in your overall look, but your dress is going to have to be lengthened or shortened depending on if you bought flats or heels. All you flat-footers, you’ll probably want your gown to be long enough to cover your feet and for my heel chicks, your dress should not be short enough to show that awkward bit of heel, unless it’s actually a short dress, or knee length dress - in both cases.



Wedding shoes are rumored to be “expensive” - but unless there is some “YOU MUST BUY YOUR WEDDING SHOES FROM A STRICTLY WEDDING SHOE BUSINESS OR WEBSITE” rule, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful heels EVEN at bargain stores and places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls! You can find a pair of Vera Wangs for half the price! But also consider this, if your dress is touching the floor, who is going to see your feet anyway? I wouldn’t stress about spending a fortune on shoes no one will even see. If you are buying online, remember these two things: Return Policy and Coupon Codes!



Before the wedding you have GOT to break your heels in girl. There will be NO wobbling down the aisle and we know damn well you don't want blisters on the most exciting day of your life. Break those bad boys in, I can't stress it enough - I mean do whatever it takes. Bring them to work and put them on while you sit at your desk or put them on while you lay in bed, shoot. You'll be happy you did. 



We’re trying to keep those feet purty for your honeymoon, so here’s a few things to keep in your purse or in your actual heels that will save you from blisters, chipped nail polish and sore feet. Must-Haves include: Non-Slip insoles, Padded Heel grips, Back of the Heel cushion insoles, and a convenient pair of Fast Flats! I can’t tell you how many times my fast flats saved my life. They fold right in half and fit in your purse, so when your feet start to hurt you can take those babies out and save yourself the pain! You also want to make sure to always have a spare pair of heels, in case something happens to yours - knock on wood.


There you have it - a strategic plan to buying your wedding day heels. You’re welcome!

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I've worn heels in the grass before, NOT A GOOD COMBO!