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What type of husband are you?

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Last week we talked about the types of wives there are out there. The same applies to the men! There are so many traits and characteristics that husbands possess, just like the wives did, that we cannot merely wrap it up in just a few types. We have collected some information from various people on some of the rather obvious traits.




1. The Detached Husband: This emotionally draining husband doesn’t do a number of things like care about your feelings, share your problems with you, display his love for you, support you or help out in financial our household issues. He hangs with his friends in his spare time, and disregards any chores around the house. He never takes his wife on dates and often falls asleep on the couch every night.

2. The Gentleman Husband: He was raised as a gentlemen, to care and love the woman he is with and do whatever it takes to provide for emotional and material needs. He is responsible, takes the trash out without being told, makes breakfast for the family, helps with dinner and treats his wife as his partner and helper.


3. The Cheater Husband: This husband is a top notch flirt who has eyes for every woman walking the street. He converses freely and openly with other women but is morose when talking with his wife. He turns into Jim Carrey and caters to other women with his humor while saving the poor body language for his wife. He is ready and willing to serve other women.

4. The Best Friend Husband: He appreciates his wife, her looks, and everything about her. He admits his wrongs and asks for forgiveness. He hugs her, comforts her, and spends his free time with the family planning camping trips and other fun things. He is funny and brings joy to the home and acts as his wife's best friend.

5. The Needy Husband: He seems to the dress-wearer in the relationship. He whines about little things like not getting mayo on his sandwich or the remote being on the other couch 5 feet away. He wants to be around his wife at all times. If they have a BBQ or go to a BBQ he has to be on her hip. He brings up every little thing the wife does that might make him feel bad, like her going to have a drink with her girls, and not inviting him. He is overly needy.

6. The Businessman Husband: Always working, always at the office late, or in the office at home staying up late working on reports and other business-y things. Though he brings home the bacon, he hardly makes or has time for his family. His kids hardly know him, and his wife feels severely unsupported emotionally.


7. The Prankster Husband: The husband who thinks everything is a joke. I know you’ve seen the videos of the dad who wears the Batman mask EVERYWHERE and constantly pranks his family. This husband is always pulling jokes on his wife and kids. Pranks can be anything from doing the laundry in the dishwasher to putting a laxative in one of the drink containers in the fridge and leaving a note that says “I wanna play a game…” - We all know how that one goes.



8. The Dull Husband: Very dry and humourless husband. He spends most of his time in his recliner, not participating in any conversation because he has no substance to contribute. He does not plan family trips, camping trips, activities or BBQs. He doesn't initiate sexual activity or provide any excitement in the bedroom. He is happy being boring and is completely clueless to it, really.

9. The Pedestal Husband: This guy plays King of the household but does not actually take on the role of KING. He thinks the wife should cater to him and the kids at all times. He spends the family finances without consulting his wife, and she is always out of the loop with any of his investments, because how dare she ever question a King.


10. The Abusive Husband: He constantly puts her down, calls her fat, and demeans her cooking yet tells her what to wear, what to cook and to get in the gym. He orders her around, and acts like a gem in front of friends, even though they catch onto his demanding ways upon her when company is over. You can see the terror on her face; she feels trapped and terrified to even voice herself to him because he will laugh or snap at her. He may even become violent.

Again, we mentioned in the article about “types of wives” that no one is perfect; each one of us can actually possess a few of the qualities or characteristics from each type. Nevertheless, fellas we are curious, which do you relate to the most?

Ladies, which one are you married to?
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Clifton Burks
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