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Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

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It’s a given that a traditional wedding cake will never go out of style; but you have spent all this time completely personalizing your wedding day (from the wedding dress, decorations, ceremony location and shoes to your favorite music and food) to make it uniquely you, why wouldn’t you make your cake uniquely you, too? A classic white wedding cake is expected, but personally I would like to knock the socks off my guests with something a little more unpredicted.

Your wedding cake is a perfect opportunity to show your guests a little of your taste with a little of your character. Love cupcakes? Stack those babies - your favorite flavors and colors! Love donuts? We have seen these sweet ringed favorites disguised as large cakes without anyone ever realizing it until the bride and groom finally cut the cake!

Here are some ideas for you to ponder over for your own wedding:


Individual Wedding Cakes - Give each guest a miniature cake with their name elegantly calligraphed on it.

A Wedding Pie Display
- With multiple levels, display a variety of pies for your guests to serve themselves.

- Multiple tiers full of various sized, stacked pancakes or crepes, decorated and garnished with yumminess such as strawberries, nutella, syrup, honey, butter, whip cream, etc.

Rice Krispy Cake
- Because who DOESN’T love rice krispy treats!?

Whoopie Anyone?
- A tiered display of whoopie pies that can be assorted to match the theme of your wedding - sounds tasty.

“Cheese” Cake
- A whole new meaning to the term cheesecake; this is actually a tiered display of assorted cheese wheels! I LOVE CHEESE!

Cupcake or Donut Tiers
- Three or four tiers of your favorite flavored cupcakes and/or donuts for guests to simply choose from.

Cake Pops & Pie Pops
- These are a great idea and are perfectly portioned for guests to enjoy.

Croquembouche - Whether coated in sugar, caramel or frosting, who wouldn’t love this?

Individual Wedding Pies
- Have little mini pies served to all the guests; you can have guests pre-select the flavor pie they’d like on the RSVP.

Customized Cake Cups
- Kill two birds with one stone by serving cake cups and letting your guests keep them.

Macaroon Cake
- Stack your Mac’s, use various colors and flavors to satisfy all tastes.

So there are just a few of the alternative roads you can take other than the “road of wedding tradition”. People love to feel special, even if it is YOUR wedding day, so I think incorporating those ideas about individual desserts is a good one, and might even entice more guests to come if they get to CHOOSE their personal pleasure.

But never forget, this is YOUR DAY, and you should imagine and manifest your cake your way!


What unique wedding cake ideas can you come up with?
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