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Grab Your Trimmers Boys, It's Manscaping Time

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Okay guys, here’s one for you. I’m sure you’re used to my snarky sarcasm and dry sense of humor by now, so I’m just gonna lay it out for you - get your shit together and grab some trimmers. I’m talking about manscaping, the best thing to happen since twist-off wine bottles.



Now, I’m not saying that you all have to resemble a smooth, hairless, marble statue, but I am saying that it’s your wedding day, and you’re newlywed deserves a little primp and prime. Your new spouse surely won’t be offended to see that you’ve taken time to, echem, trim the hedges. Putting effort into yourself is sexy! And hey, this day is setting the tone for your entire marriage, so let’s get to it!


First of all, manicures are my favorite pastime so I may be a little biased, but I think everyone (men and women) should invest in a good mani/pedi at LEAST once a month. I’m serious. There are going to be A LOT of pictures of your rings and you shouldn’t spend all that money on photos just to be ruined by some crusty cuticles. And while you’re there, give a little lovin’ to your toes - you’ll thank me later.


This one might sound obvious, but alas, you probably have been neglecting your skin for far too long. Should just one of you be glowing in your wedding pictures? I think not! Go out and get yourself a facial, moisturize, stay hydrated, and YOU will be the one looking like a superstar.

Spray Tan

I get that you may be scared of walking out looking like Doug at the end of The Hangover, but if you do it correctly, a spray tan could take you from a 3 to a solid 7. My advice is to ask around and find the best tanning salon in town. Make sure to go for the airbrush tan instead of a booth. Having a person do it is more precise AND they mix the color themselves, so you won’t look like a carrot.

Body Hair

Trim, wax, whatever you’re into- just clean it up.  You’ll be looking groomed and well maintained on your wedding night and rock that Speedo on your tropical honeymoon. Apparently, cleaning up the carpet enhances the size of your boy-goods too, and that’s a BIG plus.   

Facial Hair

Fix that thing on your face and look like a gentleman. Hey, I’m all for a lumberjack beard but keep it trimmed and neat on your big day.
So guys, don’t be afraid of a little manscaping. This is supposed to be the best day of your life, so why not look your best?

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Bonnie James
I love a well groomed man!! So Hot!!!
Michael L
Nicely written! I agree. My fiance always tells me this haha bam