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MASH Nostalgia

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So, who remembers playing MASH back in middle school? Did you end up with your “future husband or wife”?! How about that car you chose? I just happened to come across this activity sheet the other day and it brought back so many joyous childhood memories.

Writing down the names of all the boys I had crushes on or liked because they were cute, and chomping at the bit as I counted and crossed out every name but “THE ONE”. The one that made it, the one that got circled was going to be the man of my world; we young girls swore by this game.


I couldn’t wait to see who I was going to end up with in life!



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But here I am 20 years later, still single. Haven’t gotten that mansion I’m supposed to be lounging in right now. No pets, my ex-boyfriends have kept every dog I ever shared with them. I was supposed to be in a Bently at this point in time, but that’s still at the dealership. Oh, and I have no children. So, maybe those childhood games don't work out the way you believed they would when you were once that innocent, dont-know-no-better, young girl or boy; but at least it gave your young self something to hope for and believe in.


Now go and play it with your crush, bring back a little pleasant nostalgia!



How was your life supposed to turn out?
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Mariah D.
OMG!! I used to LOVE playing MASH!!