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7 Excellent Ways To Beat The Post Honeymoon Blues

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  • Find something to laugh about. Laughter always makes things better, and when you laugh together, it brings you closer.
  • Share your favorite T.V. shows. Spending quality time together with your favorite shows can make you two find similar tastes.
  • Massage. Getting a massage releases stress and the more you can touch in a loving and affectionate way, the safer and more exciting your relationship becomes.
  • Talk it out. Communication is the key to a happy marriage. Don’t be afraid to talk about what's bothering you in the relationship, your job, or any other area in your life.
  • Create a Bucket List. Start making plans and memories to make together.
  • Remind him why you love him. Everyone needs encouragement. When you express to each other why you love one another, your bond will become stronger.
  • Take a mini vacation together. Keep the honeymoon alive by spending some relaxing time together.


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