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Disney Movie Love Reading

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According to Thought Catalog, our favorite childhood Disney movies say a lot about who we date as adults! What if we favored more than one Disney movie?! Personally I love them all, but have 2 or 3 favorites. Hmmm...what does your favorite say about you?




Unfortunately, you are attracted to the heartbreakers.


- Great, that's a good way to start off -



For a life full of adventure, excitement and new experiences you are willing to give your heart to anyone who will show it to you. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Your friendships are extremely important to you, but at the end of the day, you’re a hopeless romantic looking for that one person you can count on.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

You enjoy the relationship with someone kind, gentle and capable of being loving, open-minded and endlessly empathetic. 


- "One of your favorite ways to understand someone is to see if they treat their “inferiors” the same way they treat their “superiors."' -


The Little Mermaid

Your family are not always pleased with your choice of partner, but you ignore that because what is most important to you is having someone that makes you feel happy, alive and excited about life.


Someone who is honest and morally sound is what is mort important to you in selecting a partner, however, you are attracted to those who have a passionate and curious thirst for life; the ones who desire adventure and sometimes get into trouble but always seem to fix their own mistakes. 

The Princess and the Frog

You want to be with someone who offer plenty of charm, and though he may have been lazy or irresponsible in the past, he has developed a strong sense of responsibility and solid work ethic.


- Hmm. Sounds suspect to me. Charm + Irresponsible and Lazy = Red Flag for Narcissism? -



Anyone who goes against typical cultural “norms” holds your attention. The more different or unique someone is, the more attracted you are to them because you have found that those people are usually the most interesting people.

The Lion King

You are drawn to the untamable, stubborn types who are used to being on their own, but are at the point where they’re ready to open their life up to someone new. 


You’re fascinated at the idea of finding instantaneous attraction, feelings and chemistry; for you, love at first sight is definitely possible. 


Alice in Wonderland

You tend to go for those who are mysterious, spunky, a challenge to figure out and also challenge you to look at the world in ways you never have before. 

Beauty and the Beast

You’re interested in someone who can see deeper than appearance, loves you for your mind, heart and soul, as opposed to your outer appearance.


- Good luck with that -


Peter Pan

You want to date someone responsible but also has a childlike wonder that knows not to take life too seriously.

Lady and the Tramp


You love the idea of dating someone who comes from a totally different background than you do, a romance that isn't expected to ever happen. You desire someone who will help you grown, teach you, and someone you of the whole world there is outside of your bubble.

Sleeping Beauty

A ttimeless love fascinates you and you choose to be with a person who will go hell and back or encounter any amount of danger to help you when you’re in trouble.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

You love fiercely, want a ginormous family and desire a person who will do anything to protect their loved ones.


- Exactly HOW MANY loved ones are you expecting him to protect? Hopefully not 101! -



Though having a popular, strong and flashy person isn't always a bad thing, what you really want is a connection and deep faithfulness with someone with an infinite sense of support for one another.

The Sword in the Stone

Whenever you date someone new, they are always completely different from the previous person you were with. You like the spontaneity of dating someone unexpected.

The Jungle Book

You are attracted to broken people or lost souls in desperate need of nurturing and love; as you are a caregiver.

The Aristocats

While still maintaining a friendly and gentle nature, you would like to be with someone who’s tough and knows how the world works.


- Winning - 


Robin Hood

Simply put, you are all about a bad ass with a soft side.



You can’t resist someone completely foreign to you, a mystery that makes you feel giddy, nervous and alive at the same time; the dangerous type.

The Rescuers Down Under

Someone with a calming nature who can make you feel at home as long as you are with them, no matter you are, is where your attraction is grasped.

The Fox and the Hound

The most important thing in a relationship is loyalty and playfulness; having a best friend to be silly with.


The Great Mouse Detective

The people you go for are fascinating and whimsical, as well as, easily excitable.  

Oliver & Company

You value someone who is trustworthy and loyal; who always has yours and the backs of everyone important in their life.


- Make sure they have their priorities in order though -



Because you are strong, passionate, and intense, you seek someone who is like you in the sense of fireceness. 


You appreciate someone's ability to look at life outside of expectations and cultural norms and expectationsand desire someone who will support your desire to do and be different than what’s expected. 

The Emperor’s New Groove

As long as you can find someone to be goofy, silly and have fun with, you’ll be perfectly happy.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


- Ya... This one drew a blank -


Lilo & Stitch

Above all else, you want someone who values family. 

Treasure Planet

You will end up with a gem, regardless of their popularity or social status.




Does your favorite hold true to you?
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