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Our Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Dress Fails

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Choosing your wedding dress is the biggest fashion decision a bride will ever make. Brides-to-be should benefit from the knowledge they'll gain after viewing these celebrities who have gotten their wedding attire "oh so wrong". It was really hard to put these in a particular order, honestly I feel like these are all a bunch of 1's. 



CenterBlog & DailyMail

Celine Dion, I don’t know what’s worse. The bottom portion or the very top? If you wanted to achieve the cinderella ball gown look, well you did; you overachiever you. You can hide 10 small children under that dress! That headpiece though - I don’t know if you are a part of Star Trek or if I should be bowing down to you because it looks like some sort of royal chandelier landed on your head. I guess its not as bad as Karl Lagerfeld's headdress for Elizabeth Taylor in the 1967 movie "Boom!", but this one definitely deserves a crown. 


US Weekly & BRIDES

Ohhhh Whitney, we will always love you - but again with the headpiece! No - NOOOO! If it weren’t for the veil attached to it during the ceremony, I would have mistaken you for Sisqo. It looks like you handed your maid of honor a can of shaving cream and said "Here, have a field day." I won't even go into the dress, i'll give you a pass there - but it's not flattering either.  


DailyMail , Independent Ie , & EMGN

Can someone call the garbage man to come collect the trash - there’s a collection of horrible wedding dresses here. Katie Price has actually been KNOWN to have the worst wedding dresses for all 3 of her weddings. One was a pink barbie ball gown that looked like she should have been at a quinceanera. Another was short, cheap and barely there - much expected. And the third was white and fluffy; not as bad as the others but cake topper worthy.


Boda 2.0 & The Tina Turner blog

Tina Turner, gosh darn it!! If you don’t knock it off with that green and black atrocity bunched up in the front - and then to accompany it with sheer black tights - this dress takes the cake! Stop it - It looks like the cloud of smoke Maleficent makes when she disappears. - POOF - Be gone, with that gown, thank you! 



I think our #1 Celebrity Dress Fail goes to Mariah Carey. The ENTIRE get-up was a fail, from the tiara and veil combo down to those horrible 1-inch, satin heels. Holy Moly - It looked like someone dipped her into a pool of 1990’s fluff, puff and weird white satin. Hell, if you want to shine at your wedding, this is certainly a way to go about doing it! She was DEFINITELY shining. She gave her guests sunshades as wedding favors - haha


So ladies, learn from these epic fails. I mean you'd think these women have stylists who would assist them in the right direction - I grew up listening to Celine, Whitney and Mariah, and I am just so discouraged and appalled by these looks! Don't fret though, there can be miracles, when you believe - we just need to believe in better fashion senses! 



What order would you put these celebs in?
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Julie Mary
Wow! These are soooooo gross! Hahhahaa